Relic Hunters: Rebels 3 Is the New Netflix Game

After deciding to take part in the gaming industry, Netflix began to develop great games. It seems like the company is trying to minimize its losses on the streaming platform with new and interesting games. In this respect, Relic Hunters: Rebels 3 is one of these promising games.

Relic Hunters: Rebels 3 seems pretty good with its amazing mechanics, cute graphics, and interesting story. It is a fantastic role-playing game that offers plenty of unique adventures to players. The game was developed by Rogue Snail, who is also the developer of the series, and it launched on the mobile platform on May 3, 2022.

There are four main characters in the game, and players can choose one of these cute heroes. There are 44 different weapons in the game, and regardless of your character choice, you can craft all of them by collecting the required materials.

Although your main goal is to beat the evil Ducan Empire, you will encounter plenty of space ducks and turtles. Your weapons will be your biggest servant to survive and achieve your goal. Without a doubt, Relic Hunters: Rebels 3 is one of the nicest investments that Netflix made for their gaming project.

The company is partnering with other gaming studios to launch more games in the near future. According to the statement from Netflix officials, the company is planning to launch more than 50 games by the end of 2022. We are not sure whether they can achieve this goal or not, but even if half of these games have a similar quality to Relic Hunters: Rebels 3, they can be quite successful in the mobile gaming industry.

Moreover, the CEO of Rogue Snail, Mark Venturelli, said they are happy to work with Netflix and will be one of the leading studios to develop games for the platform.

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