Remnant 2’s Secret Class The Archon Revealed

According to developer Gunfire Games, one of Remnant 2's secret classes, named The Archon, is supposed to be uncovered by scraping the game's files.

Although Remnant 2 can seem to boil down to how many bullets you can put downrange, there is quite a lot of variety within the game’s various classes. Whether you’re looking to be a support class, a tank, or an offensive damage dealer, there’s a class that will suit your playstyle. 

These classes can be unlocked via various methods, including paying a small amount of scrap and unlocking the main story, while others require more effort to acquire, such as completing the campaign or navigating challenging areas in the game.

As explained by developer Gunfire Games, the team behind Remnant 2 intentionally left this secret class for skilled data miners to discover, understanding that the community would be able to rifle through the game’s code in order to uncover it. This is a smart move, as it encourages online interaction while rewarding players who are willing to take the time to decipher the game’s files.

One of those secret Remnant 2 classes is the Archon, which only “revealed” itself through data mining, requiring players to complete an extremely convoluted set of steps. That includes activating a number of skills on specific Archetypes at certain levels and equipping a ton of gear before heading to a very precise location in the game’s world.

Meet The Remnant 2's Secret Class The Archon
Remnant 2's Secret Class The Archon Revealed 2

Meet The Remnant 2’s Secret Class: The Archon

The Archon is a stealthy class that focuses on evasion and decoys, with abilities like Void Cloak, which provides an automatic perfect dodge against incoming direct damage for 60 seconds while creating a decoy. Meanwhile, Wormhole lets your character teleport and inflict 300% damage to enemies within a radius of their current position. 

It’s a great class for those who prefer a strategic gameplay experience over a more traditional healing or tanking option, and it was well worth the effort required to uncover it.

The Archon is just the latest secret squirreled away by Remnant 2, which has been making waves since its release with high reviews and a concurrent player count that’s already surpassed 100,000. 

With a developer like Gunfire Games embracing secrets and ensuring that they can be discovered by those willing to rifle through the game’s files, it’s likely we’ll see more surprises come out in the months ahead. 

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