Retro Horror Game Concrete Visions Sets Its Sights on April 2nd To Be Released

Discover the details of intense psychological retro horror Concrete Visions and survive the chaos of Stonebrook. Available April 2nd on Steam.

DOSMan Games and VoxPop Games announced the release date for Concrete Visions, a first-person psychological thriller with survival horror elements designed in PS1 era throwback. The game follows the path of Outer Terror and Disaster Golf as the third middleware game by VoxPop Games. Concrete Visions is set to launch globally on Steam on April 2nd, 2024.

The Story of Concrete Visions

The streets of Stonebrook are quiet now. The people who used to live there have disappeared, leaving behind only those who do not fit in with society. Malone, a leader of a group of dangerous individuals, is thought to be responsible for this. His followers are everywhere, lurking in the shadows. 

Your mission is to find the truth and a way to escape this chaos. The town is in disrepair, and nature is starting to reclaim it. You must survive the wilderness and navigate the treacherous streets to find redemption. It’s time to fight back and bring order to Stonebrook.

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Retro Horror Game Concrete Visions Sets Its Sights on April 2nd To Be Released 3

What to Expect From Concrete Visions? What Sets It Apart, and What is Its Gameplay Like?

Concrete Visions is an indie horror game that promises to take you on an intense throwback experience with its gritty graphics reminiscent of the PS1 era. Combining the best psychological thrillers and survival horror, the game draws inspiration from classics like “Condemned: Criminal Origins” and “Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy“. This unique blend of FPS and beat ’em-up action is sure to offer an unforgettable experience.

Well, what sets Concrete Visions apart in the horror genre? Surely, it’s melee combat and environmental exploration. You are encouraged to immerse yourselves fully into the nightmarish world. The game’s lo-fi, photo-sourced atmosphere is also carefully crafted to trap you in an endlessly replayable horror experience that will resonate with fans of both retro FPS and horror genres.

Here are some other gameplay features of Concrete Visions:

  • Bloody Fists
  • Bottles
  • Lead Pipes
  • Kitchen Knives
  • A Revolver & A Shotgun
  • Crisps for Health OR Tasty Health Snacks!
  • Various Unhinged Enemies That See You as Their Prey
  • Brutally Visceral Melee Combat
  • A Chilling OST
  • Unnerving Photo-Sourced Environments & Character Models
  • Secrets are plenty – See if you can locate DOSMan in each level – chances are he’ll have something very helpful for your journey. 
Concrete Visions Lawod ss 1 1
Retro Horror Game Concrete Visions Sets Its Sights on April 2nd To Be Released 4

Concrete Visions Will Be the 3. Game Utilizing VoxPop’s Innovative Profit-Sharing Model, Middleware Tool.

Developed by DOSMan Games, Concrete Visions is the third game that utilizes VoxPop’s profit-sharing model, Middleware Tool and follows the successful path of Outer Terror, which was recently nominated for the Best Hidden Game Award at the New York Game Awards, right after Disaster Golf

This model ensures a fair distribution of profits among team members and represents a milestone for both DOSMan Games and VoxPop. By supporting indie game developers and easing the financial burden they face, VoxPop is enabling them to build and sustain their projects, recruit specialized talent, and manage long-term project costs effectively. 

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Concrete Visions Release Date

Develoer DOSMan Games and publisher VoxPop Games plan to be released the game for PCs via Steam for just $1.99. Don’t forget to add Concrete Visions to your wishlist today on Steam to stay updated on its release.

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