Rock’ N’ Roll Defense Review

The game “Rock’ N’ Roll Defense” was released on August 10th, 2016, and was created by NukGames. You will play the role of a rock band performing for fans while “creeps” approach the stage. To defeat these creeps, you must strategically place speakers along their path and harness the power of rock to take them down. How? Well, you have a guitar and speakers, and you play rock songs.

As you blast the incoming enemies with speakers, you earn money that can be used to purchase additional speakers, upgrade existing ones, and increase your damage and attack speed. The game features a selection of soundtrack that adds to the overall experience.

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Rock’ N’ Roll Defense Kinds of A Tower Defense Game

Rock’ N’ Roll Defense is a game where you defend your towers, even though it tries to make it seem like something else. You get to choose from eight different types of speakers and switch them around however you like. But you can only use four at a time, so choose wisely!

There are some basic towers, ones with low power but a big range, ones that deal constant damage, and ones that slow down enemies. You can upgrade each tower twice and even sell them to get money for new ones. Just remember, you can only place towers on specific spots along the path. If things get too crazy, you can use a sound wave to damage all the enemies at once, but it takes some time to recharge. And don’t forget, you have to manually release each wave of enemies.

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You Will Be on the Stage in 4 Different Worlds!

Rock’ N’ Roll Defense consists of four worlds, each containing ten levels. Plus, each world has enemies with a different musical genre, such as pop in the first world, country in the second, techno in the third, and so on. After completing a world, you immediately move on to the next one and cannot return to the previous worlds.

The boss enemy is the same for each world, and the regular enemies do not change significantly from world to world. At the end of each level, you will be awarded 0 to 3 skulls, depending on how well you performed. You receive three skulls if no enemy ever reaches the stage.

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Focus on Your Economy and Choose Equipment Wisely

To succeed in this strategy game, focus on setting up a lot of low-cost towers early on and upgrading them whenever possible. Alternatively, you can sell a tower and replace it with something stronger. As you progress to higher levels, you’ll have more money to set up stronger towers from the start.

Proper positioning and upgrading towers to defeat enemies and bosses before they reach the stage is key. If things get tough, you can always use the stage for added defense. This strategy remains consistent throughout the game.

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Visuals And Sounds Could Have Been Better

I appreciate the loading screens featuring well-drawn pictures of the “bosses” and the stage screens focusing on different aspects of the field. The soundtrack is cool, but it only has a few songs, which can become repetitive.

Despite the soundtrack, Rock’ N’ Roll Defense doesn’t have much to make it stand out from other indie tower defense games. There are so many common parts with Flash games. However, it is a functional product with a decent amount of playtime.

Rock’ N’ Roll Defense is only available for Windows on Steam. As we mentioned, it’s a small tower defense indie game that can be played while waiting for another application to finish. For us, it’s the perfect way to kill some time.

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