Saiko No Sutoka – Review of A Psycho Game

Saiko No Sutoka is a horror survival game developed by indie game developer “Habupain.” The name of the game comes from Japanese, and it means Psycho Stalker. In the game, you try to escape from your stalker yandere girl who wants to kill you. The developer, Habupain, describes the game as “The game focuses more on The Antagonist, Saiko Chan. Her playful AI behavior towards her Senpai which is you as The Player”. Let’s take a closer look at Saiko No Sutoka.

Saiko Chan

Saiko No Sutoka Story and Short Review

You, as a protagonist, try to escape from the antagonist yandere girl, Saiko Chan, who is a serial killer and wants to kill you. Saiko Chan loves to play with her victims before she kills them. She is a psycho at the end of the day right, it’s normal, though. You are one of her victims, and you try to escape from her, but it’s not easy at all.

There are two points that make Saiko No Sutoka unique compared to other horror games.

  • Yandere State is one of them. According to Hudapain, in the Yandere state, Saiko Chan isn’t against us directly, but she will not let you escape, and she will not try to attempt to stop the progression of you but try to slow you down.
  • On the other hand, in the Yangire state, Saiko Chan will then take a very hostile and aggressive attitude towards you. In the Yangire state, you will see that Saiko Chan did everything to kill you.

In this horror game, you are kidnapped by Saiko Chan to a school. To escape from here, you should take the key in an encrypted safe and try to escape. But to get the key, you have to collect the numbers to unlock the encrypted safe.

To get more information about the game, you can visit the Saiko No Sutoka official websites. If you like the game and give it a shot, you can find out how to get the game by reading the Saiko No Sutoka Download article on Lawod.

Saiko No Sutoka Gameplay Trailer

Before we talk about the Saiko No Sutoka, let’s watch its gameplay trailer to give us an idea about the Saiko No Sutoka. You can watch the Saiko No Sutoka Steam Launch Trailer below.

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