Saints Row The Third Remastered Is Free Now On Epic Games Store

Epic Games is giving away Saints Row The Third Remastered for free on Epic Store to celebrate the revealing of the long-awaited Saints Row. Don’t miss the chance to get the game for free until September 2nd.

The new Saint Row is revealed at the Gamescom Opening Night Event with a cinematic trailer. Besides this cinematic trailer, we were also able to see the brief gameplay and fully customizable characters that you can play in the game. The release date of the game is announced as February 25, 2022. So, you have to wait until the game’s release date to play the new open-world crime series. However, the publisher Deep Silver offers you a great opportunity to play and know the Saints Row series by giving away the 2011-released Saints Row The Third Remastered for free on Epic Store.

Saints Row The Third Remastered Trailer

Saints Row is a third-person action that looks like a GTA clone at first glance. However, the game differs from the popular open-world game GTA with a few features. Especially notable are the in-depth character customization, the bawdy humor, and the story that focuses on a criminal gang.

It might be a good deal to grab the Saints Row The Third Remastered free of charge, normally on sale for $39,99. You can have the game forever by adding the game to your game library on Epic Games Store. After the Void Bastards and Yooka-Laylee, Saints Row The Third Remastered is the third game that is distributed for free by Epic Games this week.

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