Scorn Characters

Are you a fan of the Alien and Prometheus movies? If so, Scorn is your game. This post will give you some brief information about the characters in this exciting survival horror title.

Scorn is a game where you can battle against different creatures that have unique personalities. You can also use the character’s weapons to deal with them. However, you should be very careful when fighting with them, as you may take damage. To avoid these dangers, you should know the best way to kill them.

A similar game to BioshockScorn drops you in a bizarre environment with hostile monsters and a surreal atmosphere. The game is atmospheric and focuses on the alien setting for an alluring atmosphere. You will wear down quickly in the game as you battle the ominous creatures. Eventually, you will have almost no health or ammo to fight. This makes the game challenging and can lock the player into a frustrating scenario.

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The prologue is the first part of the game. The first area of the game has a skeletal throne and a phallic-looking pillar. You must make sure to engage with both of these structures to progress through the level. A short cutscene will play out after completing the quest. Prologue Guy is the character you will be playing until you’ve finished the prologue.

Scorn explores themes of death, birth, and fertility. Characters wear crude armor fastened by chains and are painted gray. Their weapons are made of metal plates, blood is flammable, and they breed rapidly. This macabre horror game makes players think about life and death unexpectedly. However, the themes are complex and open to interpretation. Here’s the list of characters in Scorn:

Main CharacterThe Protoganist
Crater CreaturesWorkers, Floaters, Droids, Chickens, Brutes, Crater Queen
HumanoidsMoldmen, Homuncili, Cyborgs, Shells
Other Creatures and NPCsParasite

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