Scorn Game Review – A Horror Game Full of Blood

Scorn is a puzzle game where players interact with an entity known as Scorn. You can find everything you need to know about this recently released horror title in this article.

Scorn is a body horror game where players are transported to a strange world through their characters. Scorn, which was nominated for “Best Art Direction,” was created by Ebb Software and released by Kepler Interactive on October 14, 2022. Let’s take a deep look at our Scorn Game Review article to learn more about this extraordinary horror title.

A Puzzle-Solving Alien Protagonist 

The game tells the story of a creature bound to a body by a parasite. To break her bond with the parasite, the main character has to solve a number of puzzles

She must deal with close encounters with several creatures to make her way to the surface. Throughout the game, the player will be forced to make difficult decisions in order to progress.

Players also must use their hands to manipulate the machines and explore the many small rooms in the game. After completing a level, they are sent to a new one.

In the end, Scorn is based on the works of H. R. Giger and Zdzisaw Beksiski. Its gameplay is based on the ideas of these authors, and there are not many games in which you play as an alien. So, the game is a bit rare in this field.

Scorn Game Alien Character Lawod
Scorn Game Review - A Horror Game Full of Blood 3

Your Alien Character Really Comes out of an Egg

The game begins in an alien landscape with biomechanical structures that appear to be from an Alien film. The player character comes out of an egg and has to get to the tower by going through abandoned buildings and towers.

Impressive Level of Details, Not Just a Simple FPS Title

Although Scorn is an indie game, it is very impressive for its level of detail. There are no cutscenes and no sympathy for missing things or getting lost. 

The game isn’t a typical shooter either, so you can enjoy the puzzle-solving parts of it. You may think you can go on a killing spree just because you are allowed to use guns and have some ammo. However, the game wants you to be a puzzle-solver more than a killer.

Scorn Game FPS Title
Scorn Game Review - A Horror Game Full of Blood 4

Don’t Fight Much, Solve Puzzles, and Dodge Your Enemies

Scorn has two major types of gameplay: combat and puzzle-based exploration. While Scorn does feature puzzles and combat, its primary focus is exploration. If you’re looking for massive action, you’ve come to the wrong place.

The game has very few enemies and weapons you can use to kill them. However, these weapons are weak, with very limited range and a long cooldown after each shot. 

Furthermore, they do not do much damage, so you’ll constantly try to dodge enemy attacks. This actually makes the combat experience more frustrating than fun.

Challenging but Could Be Boring At Some Points

You can imagine that a game in such an environment must be hard to play. Well, yes, you are absolutely right. Scorn is a highly challenging game. At times, it feels impossible to complete the game on your own. It is also frustrating to keep hitting checkpoints, which can bog you down. But that doesn’t mean it’s unplayable. 

Scorn is an exciting experience worth looking at, but you shouldn’t expect to enjoy it for more than a few hours. The game becomes a little bit tedious after a few hours.

Scorn awaits you on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and on Steam for PCs.

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