SCP: 5K Ultimate Guide and Review

SCP 5K is a tactical shooter set in the universe of the popular crowd-sourced SCP Foundation. The game features a semi-linear story as a fireteam fighting the SCP Foundation and offers immersive combat with detailed weapon customization. Check out to learn more about the SCP 5K:

SCP: 5K is a tactical first-person shooter horror game that takes place in the world of the SCP Foundation. The Foundation is a fictional secret organization created by the SCP collaborative and is responsible for capturing, containing, and studying paranormal events and anomalous entities.

In the SCP: 5K universe, the Foundation has done a face-heel turn and begun unleashing its strange objects to destroy humanity. The player joins the Anti-Foundation Alliance (AFA) to actively prevent this upcoming “Omnicide” by raiding and destroying various SCP locations.

The game features a semi-linear story where you play as a fireteam going against the SCP Foundation. You will also encounter escaped SCP entities like SCP-173 and SCP-098, as well as hostile Foundation security soldiers. The game allows you to equip guns with a variety of accessories, such as optics, foregrips, and suppressors, at the weapons bench. So, you will have detailed weapon customization and immersive tactical combat chances in SCP 5K.

Despite being in early access, the game is still fairly well-polished. The developers have announced that they are working on bringing it to consoles, but there is no concrete date at this time.

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SCP: 5K Gameplay

SCP: 5K is a first-person, multiplayer tactical shooter developed by Affray Interactive. It is based on the SCP Foundation online collaborative writing project and its characters and follows the Anti-Foundation Alliance’s attempts to halt the Foundation’s plan for “OMNICIDE.”

The game takes place at Site-19, the facility that houses many of the SCPs. You will encounter escaped SCPs and other security personnel as you move through the levels. You will also have to battle giant crabs, hellhounds, and a whole host of other creatures. 

One of the best gameplay features of SCP 5K is that the game features a wide range of weapons that you can customize with various optics, foregrips, and suppressors.

The gameplay of SCP: 5K is fast-paced and intense. You are given two lives and must complete each level as quickly as possible. 

The game has a high level of replayability, with new challenges and enemies to encounter each time, and it offers a variety of different gameplay modes, like wave-based combat or team deathmatch.

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Is SCP: 5K Multiplayer?

SCP: 5K allows you to play the game with up to four players so that you can team up as a squad with your buddies to take on the SCP Foundation.

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SCP: 5K Door Codes

A door code in SCP 5K is a series of numbers or letters that allows you to enter the next room in the facility. The code is displayed on a small note near the entrance to the room. It can be entered using the in-game console.

There’s a danger in the education center from the projectors, which can be fatal if you get too close to the screen. To turn them off, you need four codes. 

If you forget any, press J to open the journal, which will tell you what the code is and which projector to use it on. Remember to press F to save the code in the journal. 

  1. The first code is near the center of the front row, next to a dead body. 
  2. The second code is on the front right side near the projector. 
  3. The third code is on the front left side in one of the side areas. 
  4. The last code is on the front right side, closest to the maintenance door. 

Also, just don’t bother trying to remember the codes, as they change each time you play.

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SCP 5K Keycard Locations

You can discover 3 level-one keycards scattered around the bodies of past workers. To pick them up, press F when the prompt appears, but you won’t hear or see anything when you do. To check what keycards you have, press Tab.

There are three keycards that you need to find in a certain area:

  1. The first one is located in the room on your right once you enter the area where the anomaly can attack you. You can find it on the table next to a dead body. 
  2. The second one is on a body located on the center pillar in the “Central Seating” area. 
  3. The last keycard is on a body on the second floor of the lounge located at the back.

The level 2 keycard is in the maintenance hallway within the projector #4 room. It’s located next to a deceased individual and should stand out due to its blue and glowing appearance.

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How to Leave Spectator Mode in SCP 5K?

Spectators are players who watch other players’ gameplay from a first-person perspective. They can see the other players in their world and can change who they are spectating by using their keyboard. They cannot attack or die but will respawn after a certain amount of time has passed. Spectators can also join fireteams with MTF and Chaos insurgency members.

SCP 5K is only available for PCs on Steam. However, the developer has stated that it will bring the game to consoles. The developers have requested that players provide feedback to help improve the game. In addition, a new update has been released for the game that introduces several new SCPs and bug fixes.

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