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Most of us know Scooby-Doo, right? It was one of my favorite cartoons to watch. If you enjoyed watching Scooby-Doo, here is an FNF mod that will remind you of those good old days, Shaggy Mod FNF.

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm-based indie game developed by Newground users Ninjamuffin99. Friday Night Funkin, AKA FNF, is an open-sources game, and for this reason, everyone can make a mod to this game. I believe FNF mods are holding the game alive and make it more popular every day. To find more about FNF and FNF Mods, stay tuned to Lawod.

Shaggy Mod FNF ss 1

If you ever watch Scooby-Doo even once, you can easily remember Scooby’s best friend, Shaggy. Norville “Shaggy” Rogers is one of the main characters in the Scooby-Doo series and is the most powerful human being in the universe. And now, he is in the Friday Night Funkin.

The story of this mod begins with Shaggy asks sympathetically if Boyfriend and Girlfriend ever see Scooby. But, Boyfriend offers a rap battle to Shaggy instead of answering his question. After a little thought, Shaggy accepts that offer. For the rest of the story, play Shaggy Mod online below.


VS. Shaggy Mod Songs

VS. Shaggy mod includes seven unique songs in two complete Weeks and a Finale. Below, you can find the whole songs used in this mod:

  1. Where are you – a remix of the first-ever intro of the Scooby-doo series
  2. Eruption – an original song
  3. Kaio-ken – another original song introducing a crazy change in mechanic
  4. What’s new – A remix of “What’s new Scooby-doo?” theme song
  5. Blast – A chill original song that is also very difficult
  6. Super Saiyan – The fastest original song in the mod
  7. GOD EATER – well, you’ll have to discover for yourself

Shaggy Mod FNF No Download

You can play the Shaggy Mod without downloading it on your PC. If you have low disk space, playing Shaggy Mod online will be a good option for you.

Below, you can play the mod on your browser without needing a download. Note that this mod will be downloaded on RAM, and as soon as you close this page, it will be deleted. Also, the loading time of the following FNF mod may vary depending on your internet speed. If the download is stuck, please refresh the page.

Play FNF vs. Shaggy Mod Online

FNF Shaggy Mod Download

It is possible to download FNF Shaggy Mod on GameBanana. If you want to play the mod by downloading it, make sure that original FNF is installed on your PC. Otherwise, you cannot run the mod.

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