Smalland Taming Guide - How to tame animals in Smalland?

Taming in Smalland can be tricky, especially when you're first starting out. However, this guide will help you get the most out of the taming in Smalland.

Taming is a skill that allows you to control wild animals and monsters. The process of taming involves repeated training and conditioning that can be very beneficial for your character. There are many different types of tamable animals in Smalland, each with their own unique traits. These include different attacks, behavior, and damage output. Here are all the animals that can be tamed in Smalland:

  • Grasshoppers: Grasshopper Treat: 3x Insect Egg, 1x Petal, 2x Seed Oil
  • Damselflies: Damselfly Treat: 3x Firefly Juice, 1x Petal, 2x Seed Oil
  • Wolf Spiders: Wolf Spider Treat: 1x Grasshopper Leg, 2x Spider Eye, 3x Insect Wings, 1x Petal, 2x Seed Oil
  • Geckos: Gecko Treat: 2x Ant Head, 2x Bee Head, 1x Petal, 2x Seed Oil
  • Ladybugs: Ladybug Travel Kit: 3x Edible Mushroom, 2x Nectar, 5x Fiber

Aside from being cute pets for you during your play, once tamed, these animals will provide you some unique perks. Here is the list of perks you will have upon taming animals:

  • Grasshoppers: Jump far distances while riding
  • Damselflies: Fly while riding
  • Wolf Spiders: Attack while riding
  • Geckos: Climb while riding
  • Ladybugs: Increase storage
Smalland Taming Animals Ladybug Lawod ss
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How to Tame Animals?

To tame an animal, you need to approach it and then try to get it to follow you. This can be difficult, and you might need to do it several times before it becomes successful. Taming animals is a 3-steps process:

  1. Create the right treat for that animal.
  2. Reduce the animal’s health to less than 50%.
  3. When the prompt appears, press F.

Once the animal is tamed, it will be bonded to you. This is a very important part of taming, and it will allow you to use the pet’s commands without the need for a gate travel spell. The bonding time for a tame depends on its minimum taming requirement and how strong it is.

Smalland Taming Animals Gecko Lawod ss
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What You Need To Know About Taming in Smalland?

  • Players can only have one active animal at a time. That means you must either release or kill your current pet in order to change it.
  • The pet can flee from danger. One example is the gecko, which will flee if it thinks your opponents are stronger than it or you.
  • Excessive movement may bother your pet. Avoiding this warning sign may enrage your pet to become free.
  • If you have lost sight of your pet, use the pet whistle item. This will cause the creature to come back to you immediately.
  • Feed your pets to help them heal. Enemy attacks can still kill your tamed pets.

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