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Smol Ame is a fun-to-play speed run indie game developed by KevinCow. If you like to play indie games on your browser, this speed run game can steal your heart. Based on a Hololive YouTube Channel character Watson Amelia, this game is really adorable.

A full review of the Smol Ame game was published on Lawod. If you want to get more information about the game, you can check the “Smol Ame – A Speedrun Game Review” article. We also have seen Watson Amelia in FNF Universe with Holofunk Mod FNF, if you are a fan of Friday Night Funkin, you can check it out.

What does Smol mean?

For those who don’t know what does Smol means, let’s explain briefly. When someone or something is extremely small, but if it is too adorable at the same time, we call it Smol. Just like Ame, who is the protagonist of this game.

Smol Ame Online

You may not want to download the game on your PC for several reasons. However, you may also want to play the game without downloading it. Here is a solution for you.

Below, you can play Smol Ame Online without needing a download. There are no system requirements or anything else. If you have a keyboard, you can dive right in.

Smol Ame Download

If you have liked to play the game, you may want to download it. It is very easy to download Smol Ame, all you need to do is visiting the game’s official page on Smol Ame is a free-to-play and download game, but it could be good to support the developer. So, before you download the game, don’t pass the donation page to see more games like that.

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