Spiritle Preview – Upcoming Turn-based Strategy with a Tunic-like Graphics

Spiritle is a game that you don't want to miss out on. Read on to find out more about it.

Spiritle is a turn-based strategic battle digital board indie game and is coming out soon for the PC. The game has a huge amount of features and seems like a lot of fun to play, especially with its Tunic-like character and graphics.

In Spiritle, you will be using four different elements, like in the movie The 5th ElementNatureEarthWater, and Fire will shape your gameplay while playing Spiritle

How you begin the game is quite simple; players will be asked to place their characters on the board once the board is spawned there. You will also see another “World Tree” story in Spiritle4 Spirits will take their place in the World Tree after they challenge each other.

The game seems easy; however, you will need to build the best strategy to enjoy the game with the utmost fun. Spiritle will have three game modes: Classic ModeCustom (Multiplayer) Mode, .

  • Classic Mode: You are first asked to select your spirit and its spirits. Then, all four players deploy their characters on the board and make their first move. You need to open and uncover the tiles in your way. Once you pair identical tiles, you can attack the other players. Remember that each spirits have unique skills and different ways to attack. You need to be sure when to attack your enemies. Adjust your strategy depending on other players and what you’ve got. Picking spirits and using them skillfully at the right time will carry you to success.
  • Custom Mode: This mode will be no different than a multiplayer mode of the game. In Custom Mode, you can create a private room and invite other players to your game. The game generates private room codes for you to share with other people. Those who know the code may be able to join your room only. This is a really good mode to experience betrayal and alliance terms between friends…
  • Cooperative Mode: This mode is where you will be dealing with some Ancestral bosses.
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Spiritle Preview - Upcoming Turn-based Strategy with a Tunic-like Graphics 2

Overall Features

The game is easy to understand the mechanics; however, it will support only three languages (English, French, Chinese) after its initial release, according to the developers of the game.

Spiritle will be designed to be played online, unlike the developers’ other games like Pirates Outlaws. However, there will also be an “Offline Mode” for players to create their games and play against bots. It’s not an actual game mode; you can consider this a tutorial campaign. 

There will be DLC for the game after its initial release. The DLC’s game extension will contain 4+ characters. The number does not look so large because the whole gameplay depends on this variety of characters.

The game will include a shop for those who want to donate money to the developers. There won’t be any items to unlock in the shop.

Spiritle will be available for Windows PCs and iOS and Android mobile devices for now. If you want to add the game to your wishlist, you can find it on Steam.

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