Stalked Review – A New Psychological Indie Thriller

For many years, horror has fascinated me. The feeling when you hear footsteps behind your back or see a silhouette across the hall is something I still can’t explain. After consuming many movies, games, and creepypastas, I have developed a taste for horror. 

I used to love the unnatural, magical, The Horror. But as I got older, I loved thrillers. Like, killers, crazy cultists, and stalkers. I loved Terror. As Stephen King defines: It’s when the lights go out, and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there… A good writer can use your imagination against you. 

After explaining my deep love of horror, you can imagine how excited I was when I heard Stalked, an indie psychological thriller created by Alan Trabelsi. I have played the game, and I must say I’m impressed. I will explain the game just enough. But I’ll mostly talk about the unique aspects of the game. So, you don’t need to play the title to understand. But I’m sure you will when you finish reading.

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Stalked Review - A New Psychological Indie Thriller 4

Stalked is a thriller with basic mechanics (walking and open/close-like interactions) and out-of-the-box storytelling. The game was developed and published by Lone Axe Games. The game is an Indie title, so I ”dropped” my expectations at the beginning. But I was proven wrong once again. I should revise my prejudice against indie horrors

The story is a big part of Stalked. So, I won’t be talking about it a lot. And it depends on how long you survive. I just said you will die at some point. Is this a spoiler? I don’t think so. In a horror game, you will die eventually (right?). But I can tell you where the story begins. 

You are playing Sarah Garrett, a journalist who has come from work late at night. You are home late once again, ready to shower. But before taking a shower, you must leave your phone faaaaar away (on a nightstand). After a relaxing time under the water, BAM! You hear something. Now, how far you can go depends on you. You have to survive to learn.

I would normally talk about gameplay here. But Stalked is quite simple. You open/close doors and lights. It is almost like a terrifying walking simulator. Actually, this is what I like about Stalked. Almost everyone(with enough courage) can play this game. I always have a hard time explaining and teaching my non-gamer friends and family a game I like. Especially for horror, because some puzzles are difficult to solve and consumables (like potions and limited light sources) are hard to track for them.

Graphics are alright and play a good part in giving a scary, uncanny vibe. The simple and nondetailed surroundings make me uncomfortable and distrust the environment. Also, the game has realistic voice acting that I appreciate for a horror game. As a long-time horror fan, I can tell that Alan Trabelsi understands the art of horror.

If this review wasn’t enough for you, you should visit LoneAxeGames’ Twitter and Youtube channels for more. After getting your headset and ready to jump in, you can find Stalked on Steam. I have enjoyed Stalked with its multiple endings and unique storytelling. It’s an indie horror you don’t want to miss. And with its simple gameplay, it’s frightening for the whole family!


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