Steam Summer Sales Starting on June 29

The Steam Summer Sale 2023 has arrived, and it brings with it the usual heavy discounts on a lot of games. Steam has also announced a full schedule for the rest of the year’s sales and events, so you can plan your gaming budget accordingly.

The specific deals for the Steam Summer Sale 2023 cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy. One thing is certain, though: Steam will be flooded with insignificant 10% discounts that hardly ever pique anyone’s interest. 

With recent releases, gamers have had a lot of luck because many eagerly anticipated games have received favorable reviews. The outstanding Street Fighter 6 is one of the more notable instances of this pattern. The latest installment in the fighting game series can be played both solo and with a friend online or locally, making it a highly sought-after title. 

The other newly released game is F1 23. There is no sign if the game will be discounted during Steam Summer Sale 2023, but it doesn’t bother to expect at least a 10% discount on this super-cool racing simulation game too.

Besides these, The Outlast TrialsDREDGESystem Shock Remake, and W40k Boltgun might all see price reductions. 

When Will be the next Steam Sale after Steam Summer Sale?

The company’s major seasonal sales, including the Summer, Autumn, and Winter ones, offer the widest selection of discounts and the biggest savings. But there are many other promotions throughout the year, too. Each one has a theme and usually features only certain types of games. 

These events, known as “Fests,” can be a great way to discover indie titles you might otherwise miss. For example, there will be Stealth Fest right after the Steam Summer sale starting on July 24 and ending on July 31.

Check out the full list of Steam Major Sales 2023 to discover what is ahead right after Steam Summer Sale 2023.

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