Stray Release Date and More

Have you ever wanted to be a cat? Now, you will be.

The long-awaited Stray, the cat RPG, is here with new information on its release date. The game was first shown at the PlayStation Future of Gaming showcase in 2020 and got many fans interested. And last year, on July 29, the gameplay walkthrough was released. We got a chance to look at its gorgeous graphics and learn about the art of the storyline. Here is everything you should know about the indie cat RPG, Stray.

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Stray is a third-person adventure RPG developed by the French studio named BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. For now, the game will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. Unfortunately, we don’t know the PC requirements for the game, but it is on Steam, so we can assume it will be updated in the coming days. From the gameplay footage and trailer, here is what we know about the story:

A stray cat in a dystopian world is trying to find his family. The world is populated by human-like machines, which adds a strange feeling to the story and the gameplay. 

On his way, he finds a robot named B12, a companion-like robot who helps him throughout his journey. He translates the language of machines and uses items found in the world when needed. We don’t know if there is an antagonist. But what we can see in the trailer is that there are enemies called Zurks, who are little mouse-like creatures. Besides that, the cat’s family, his allies, and many more details are unknown. 

However, thanks to the gameplay walkthrough, we now have a better understanding of the gameplay. 

The gameplay is full of what you expect from an adventure RPG. Item use, interactions with objects and robots (NPCs), and parkour. But the puzzles and enemies (Zurks) are the most challenging parts of the game.

In particular, the chase scene in the gameplay felt exciting, with enemies chasing you from behind, cutting your way in front. Well, it’s nothing like a quick-time event, but you will always seek a way out constantly. Escaping isn’t the only solution to the Zurks. As shown in the gameplay trailer, you can use some kind of light to defeat Zurks. But when or how we got this weapon wasn’t revealed in the walkthrough, so we can only guess.

At least from what we saw, parkour looks easy. But puzzles seem interesting because, when we play as a human (or human-like character), the environment doesn’t look so big. In this case, you will need to find different ways to get in or get out. You might need to push or carry small things around to proceed. Because living in a human (or human-like robot) world isn’t always easy for a cat.

Stray Release Date

Lastly, publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced that the game will be released this year on Twitter with a quote, “For those asking about a Stray update, it won’t be a State of Purr today. It’s still coming this year, though! “

Stray, a cat role-playing game, sounds very interesting and fun. What are your feelings and thoughts about this game? Let us know below.

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