Superfuse Launched on Steam. Add It To Your Wishlist Now!

Do you like reading comics? If so, here is a chance to play a game that is in your style. A new and very promising action gameSuperfuse, launched on Steam a few days ago! We can easily say that Superfuse is going to be a great game considering its comic-inspired story.

Unfortunately, the release date of Superfuse is still unknown. Stitch Heads Entertainment is still working on this amazing game to release it as soon as possible. The publisher of the game will be Raw Fury, by the way. Let’s go a little deeper to learn more about this fantastic comic book-style game, Superfuse.

Superfuse Story and Gameplay

An alien threat is threatening the entire world, and you are going to stand against this threat in this fantastic action role-playing game. Aliens will be attacking the critical and strategic points in the world, and you and your friends have to stop them. As you can play the game all alone in single-player mode, you can also play with your friends in co-op mode with up to four players. 

Basically, your job is to save the world from the Alien invasion. Superpowers in this world are controlled by elites, and you need to use your powers to save humanity from alien invasion.

Superfuse is a hack-and-slash game in which you control a superhero. What makes Superfuse special is that you can tailor your abilities by improving your skills. The skill tree offers a wide range of options for you to perfectly match your playstyle.

You are going to uncover secrets about the corruption going on in the world and the gods. During your adventure, you are going to encounter plenty of alien creatures, abominations, and giant enemies to take down!

Superfuse Features

The most attractive feature of Superfuse is it lets you build your playstyle the way you want. You can find many boosters, high technology armors, and powerful weapons, which you can enhance with your skills. In addition to this, you can play solo or cooperatively, depending on your taste and preference.

The levels in Superfuse are generated procedurally, which ensures that you will not play the same dungeon twice. You will also travel across the solar system, visit new planets, discover new ecosystems, and encounter interesting enemies.

Looting is one of the important mechanics of the game, which is also pretty rewarding and exciting for gamers. Moreover, you can also trade your loot with your friends, which will help you to progress faster.

All in all, Superfuse is going to be a great game for those who like reading comics. Imagine how awesome it could be to be a character with superpowers in a comic. If you like this idea, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam.

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