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Are you new to Tactics Ogre: Reborn? Then you need to know what classes you can take in fights. This article will provide a brief look at the various options available.

When it comes to Tactics Ogre: Reborn, it is important to understand what classes you can use. Classes define your skills and your character’s abilities. You can select from the many available classes, which will dictate your equipment. In Tactics Ogre: Reborn, every character has their own class. Each class has its own skills, perks, and stats. Exploring each class and finding the one that fits your playstyle is best.

The world of Tactics Ogre: Reborn is filled with a multitude of classes and sub-classes. These classes have their own unique powers and perks. Having a variety of characters on your team will make it easier to build a good strategy. However, some classes are more powerful than others.

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The Elemental System and Classes List

One of the most important features of Tactics Ogre: Reborn‘s class system is the elemental system. You can choose from eight elements for your character. This means that your choice of equipment will affect the number of elemental buffs and debuffs your character receives.

Depending on your race, you will be able to use the elements that suit your style of play. For example, if you’re a Ninja, you’ll be able to wield katanas, bows, and even poison. Each unit will have seven slots for equipment. You’ll want to consider what weapons to use in combat. Some are good for archers, while others are better suited for melee units.

You’ll also need to keep in mind the importance of Magic Points. Magic Points are used to unlock abilities and help you construct a good strategy. They’re also useful in helping you keep track of your unit’s status.

In addition, you’ll need to know how to recruit characters. Some characters can automatically be assigned a class. Others require special unlocks. You can purchase these special characters from Deneb’s shop, but you can also obtain them by stealing them from other players.

Another feature you’ll need to know about is the Wheel of Fortune. It’s a special feature that allows you to recruit and save characters. Essentially, this feature was inspired by the 22 major arcana tarot cards that were featured in the original Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen. Here are the lists of all types of classes in Tactics Ogre: Reborn:

Tactics Ogre: Reborn Classes
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Standard Classes

ClassClass Description
WarriorHe can use lots of weapons
ArcherHe’s good at bows and crossbows but weak to bad weather.
WizardEnchantress: He/she casts spells, applies debuffs, and gives buffs to allies.
ClericHe can open wounds or heal them.
Rune Fencer/ Valkyrie He uses attack or healing skills. He can also equip weapons like a sword or a spear.
KnightHe fights in the frontline. He performs healing magics.
Terror KnightHe weakens enemy attacks and defense.
BerserkerHe has great attack power but has a low defense.
SwordmasterUses two-handed katana
DragoonA good unit for killing some beasts and dragon
Ninja/KunoichiThey can use double weapons
RogueHe can steal goods from enemies and lure them into traps.
FusilierUses ranged weapons but are weak to magic.
Beast TamerCan tame beasts and use them against the enemy in battle
Warlock/WitchHe can mind-control golems and use some magic
NecromancerA common dark magic possesser who can play with the dead.
LichA really powerful mage
Divine KnightA magician and knight with powerful magic

Demi-Human Classes

ClassClass Description
Vartan (Winged)A winged warrior. He has good melee and ranged abilities.
SongstressA troubadour who can use special songs and dances to help allies and hinder enemies
HopliteA soldier with high armor. He generally uses a sword and shield.
JuggernautA standard tank in the game with overwhelming power.
Patriarch/Matriarch A magician who can influence wizards.
FamiliarCan weaken enemies and strengthen allies, good for defense.

Dragon Classes

ClassClass Description
Cloud DragonA dragon that makes use of air
Earth DragonA dragon that makes use of earth
Thunder DragonA dragon that makes use of thunders
Flood DragonA dragon that makes use of water
Flame DragonA dragon that makes use of fire
Frost DragonA dragon that makes use of ice
Arc DragonA dragon that makes use of light
Dark DragonA dragon that makes use of darkness
HydraA dragon with 3 heads

Golem Classes

ClassClass Description
Clay GolemA golem made of clay
Stone GolemA golem made of stone
Iron GolemA golem made of iron
Baldur GolemA golem made of baldur

Beast Classes

ClassClass Description
CyclopsA giant that plays with magic
CockatriceA chicken that turns people into stones
GryphonA winged lion with the head of an eagle
OctopusJust a big Octopus

Unique Classes

ClassClass Description
Lord (Denam only)A title was given to the worthy.
Princess (Catiua only)Only the rightful heir to the Valerian Kingdom may become a princess
Priest (Catiua only)A venerated cleric well-versed in matters of the spirit
Dark Priest (Catiua only)An evil priest with dark and elemental magic
Ranger (Vyce or Azelstan only)A warrior who can handle any situation
Shaman (Phoraena sisters, Iuria, and Deneb only)An oracle devoted  her spirit to the gods
Wicce (Deneb only)An annoying witch
White Knight (Gildas, Mirdyn, Ravness, and Ozma only)A knight who’s stronger than common knights
Buccaneer (Azelstan, Canopus, Denam, or Vyce only)A pirate
Knight Commander (Ozma only)A high-ranking knight of Lodis
Paladin (Lancelot only)A highly-skilled knight
Astromancer (Warren only)A skilled diviner who takes his strength from the stars

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