Tall Poppy Game – A Horror Game That Pranks You

Tall Poppy game will make you jump from your chair multiple times in only a few minutes. If you are looking for a fun horror game that pranks you, it could be your favorite game. The weird yet unique concept of the game makes it highly famous, and we highly recommend giving this game a try.

Without a doubt, you are going to fear lots of times while laughing too. If you would like to learn more about this fun game, then keep reading! You are going to find everything you may want to know about this great game before downloading it!

Tall Poppy Game Overview

Like recent times famous game Poppy Playtime, Tall Poppy game is a horror game, which includes a prankster ghost! Yes, you heard us right. You are going to deal with a prankster ghost in this fun game. Your main goal is to find the purse of your wife but the annoying, yet funny ghost makes this task highly challenging for you.

The game was developed by Attainable Entertainment and released on June 22, 2019. You can officially purchase the game only for $2.99 from the official page of AttainableEnt on itch.io. The genre of the game is horror parody, and we bet you have never played such a beautiful game before.

You should not worry about the controls or the gameplay of the Tall Poppy game at all. It is pretty straightforward. In fact, we could say that playing this game quite easy if that prankster ghost did not exist. We recommend playing the game with a good music system or your headphones on.

You are going to wander through the corridors, check different rooms, and have to deal with the annoying ghost just to find the purse of your wife. It is all up to you to decide which one is scarier, a prankster ghost or your wife who lost her purse.

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What is the Tall Poppy game on?

Tall Poppy game is now available on itch.io. The pranks horror game will also be on Steam on November 26. 

Tall Poppy game runs on only PCs with Windows 10 OS. Even though it is an indie game, it requires at least an i5 4000 series processor, 6 GB Ram, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ti or better GPU.

How long is the Tall Poppy game?

Tall Poppy offers you a full of fun and scare throughout half an hour. We believe that is great playtime, such an indie game. If you are not scared of the ghost who pranks you all the time, you can finish the game earlier than half an hour.

Tall Poppy Game Editor Rating: 4/5

With so many games mimicking each other’s concepts, the Tall Poppy game offers a unique adventure to players. We bet you have never played a horror parody game before. If you enjoy horror games, you can also play the game together with your friends.

Although the game is a single-player game, you can still play it by turns with your friends. We believe the Tall Poppy game appeals to every player who likes to have some fun while playing games.

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