The Botanical Action-Adventure, The Serpent Rogue, Got Mixed Reviews from Gamers

The Serpent Rogue is a fantastic sandbox game that offers a great botanical action-adventure to players. The game also offers plenty of amazing mechanics, such as mastering the art of alchemytaming wild beastsexploring new locations, and protecting the community.

You are going to craft, boil, brew, and concoct potions to protect people from the disaster. The game was developed by Sengi Games and published by Team17 on April 25, 2022. Unfortunately, the game was a disappointment for both the developers and publishers with its mixed reviews. Let’s find out the reason why it got mixed reviews.

The Serpent Rogue Gameplay

The Serpent Rogue will take you to the medieval world, where you are going to play as an alchemist called The Warden. Your main goal is to protect the realm from the Serpent Rogue, and you are going to do this with the potions you are going to craft. You need to visit every village on the map to prevent evil’s spread.

Although there are ready-to-use recipes, you also need to experiment with your ingredients to discover new ones with added benefits. Resource management is highly critical in The Serpent Rogue since you have limited resources. You can also use your potions to shapeshift and gain new abilities that will help you on your adventure.

Is It Worth Playing The Serpent Rogue?

We have noted that the Serpent Rogue received mixed reviews from the players. However, the total number of reviews is around 60, and it is quite natural for a game to receive such a ratio of reviews in the early stages.

If you like exploration and crafting games, we can easily tell you that you may love The Serpent Rogue. On the other hand, the game may not be an ideal choice for players who are looking for quick action. Instead, The Serpent Rogue requires some patience.

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