The Captain and the Curious Guide

Reaching Chapter 5 of the main story is the only requirement for this Substory. This page will provide a walkthrough for the Fushimi subplot, The Captain and the Curious.

Like a Dragon: Ishin offers fans of the Yakuza series everything they could hope for from a spinoff: stellar acting, an incredible setting, dozens of hours of content to immerse yourself in, and a stirring story that feels entirely appropriate for its theme.

Despite Like a Dragon: Ishin‘s low-key pacing, it features some of the most compelling substories and minigames this franchise has ever seen. Remarkably, the game’s “friendship” system tracks your relationship with a vast number of NPCs, from restaurant and shop owners to random strangers that roam the streets of Kyo. Each time you interact with one of these people, your bond with them will increase, and if you do enough, they’ll occasionally unlock a new substory or useful reward for you.

It also gives you a chance to see the world through the eyes of some of Kyo’s most interesting residents, including some of its most notorious gangsters. Though they’re not as high-octane as the criminals from the main series, they offer an interesting look at a period of history that isn’t usually depicted in video games.

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Of course, the real stars of Like a Dragon: Ishin are its titular samurai, Sakamoto Ryoma, and his adoptive brother Saito Hajime. They’re both actual historical figures who lived during the Bakumatsu Period, and Ishin follows their stories in fascinating parallels that complicate the lionized Western depictions of these warriors. 

The main story is a wild ride that features assassinations, conspiracies, and a battle for the future of Japan. The high-octane moments are balanced with a slow build-up that culminates in an absolutely massive, thrilling finale that hits all the right notes.

In addition to its main plot, Like a Dragon: Ishin is filled to the brim with hilarious and heartfelt side stories that can add a significant amount of playtime to your adventure. Whether you’re helping a hapless writer find his creativity or training with an elite team of speedy posties, these little self-contained stories are a lot of fun.

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How To Start The Captain and the Curious Side Story in Like a Dragon: Ishin?

To begin The Captain and the Curious, you must find Baccus, a well-known character from Yakuza 0. The character is now known as Ernest Satow in Like a Dragon: Ishin, and both he and the subplot are brand-new additions to Ishin’s remake.

Go to the Umai Udon restaurant in Kyo’s Fushimi district (the southernmost district on the map) to start The Captain and the Curious. When facing the restaurant, Ernest Satow can be found talking the ear of a lowly citizen in the unmarked bar to the right of the building.

Once you’ve had a brief introduction with Satow, you can choose to join him for drinks at the bar. If you accept the offer, you will be given the mission of gathering all the Memoirs to finish The Captain and the Curious.

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