Like A Dragon: Ishin Weapons Guide

As Like a Dragon: Ishin offers a wide range of weapons to choose from; choosing the best one that suits your combat style can be difficult; however, this article is here to help you. Check out the Like A Dragon: Ishin weapons.

The weapons are a major part of the gameplay in Like A Dragon: Ishin. Weapons help you fight enemies, take down bosses, and even can improve your character’s stats and make the game more enjoyable. Luckily, Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different weapons, but some are more powerful than others.

Whether you’re a swordsman, gunman, or something in between, having the right weapon in your arsenal can make all the difference when it comes to surviving a battle.

A comprehensive crafting system will enable you to create weapons of all kinds, from swords and guns to spears and katanas.

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Swords in Like A Dragon: Ishin

Swords are a crucial part of the weapon arsenal in Like A Dragon: Ishin. They have many advantages, including decent attack power and sword upgrade paths. You can also find a variety of unique swords in the game. Some of the best swords, like the Golden Sword, have a high attack base and allow players to perform basic combos easily.

Another powerful sword is the Bonbori Lantern, which focuses on dealing with a high amount of damage across the spectrum. This weapon can also add a wind effect to your attacks, further amplifying their damage.

While this weapon is not the most popular in the game, it is one of the most powerful. It can deal over 1,400 damage per hit and has a variety of special effects that increase the strength of your Heat moves.

This is a unique weapon that can only be used by Brawlers. It is also a very rare item, which means it can be difficult to get your hands on.

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How to Craft a Sword?

As you progress in the game, you can unlock a variety of new blades and guns. Each of these weapons has a unique weapon tree, and each upgrade along the tree costs more money and requires different materials. It can be confusing to see which path you want to take, but starting at the beginning is a good idea, and working your way up to the top.

When you are ready to craft a new sword, you can head to the Kurogane Smithing shop in Umekojicho in the Rakunai region. This shop has a blacksmith and a materials vendor. The blacksmith is where you can craft new weapons and upgrade your existing ones. The materials vendor is where you can purchase new materials that you can use to craft your next swords and guns.

Weapons Upgrade

The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your gun is to learn how to use it and upgrade it as quickly as possible. It can be a bit challenging to understand the upgrade system in Like a Dragon: Ishin. However, with practice, you’ll be able to craft a variety of swords and guns on an upgrade tree, forging them one step further along until you have the ultimate weapon of your dreams.

Some of the best weapons in the game are those that can be forged or enhanced at Blacksmith shops. These enhancements can add new stats to weapons, increase their power, reduce their cooldowns, or even add additional Seal slots so you can upgrade them further down the line.

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Unique Weapons

Aside from the regular weapons, the game also features a number of unique weapon types that you can unlock throughout the course of the main story. For example, there’s the Golden Gun, one of the best-looking weapons in the game.

The Golden Gun has a lot of impressive stats and is also quite a bit harder to acquire than some of the others. You’ll need to head to the Arms Dealer in the West Umekojicho section of the Rakugai district to get it.

It’s a good idea to use the Golden Gun early on, as it can help you take down enemies that might otherwise be too tough for you. It’s also a great way to gain more experience, which will be helpful when you’re advancing through the Trooper Tree.

Another notable item from the game is the Double Flash, which is a small wind-up device that can double the rate of fire for your weapon. Using this gadget can be a real-time-saver as it lets you fire twice in the same round, which is a huge plus when it comes to killing enemies. It’s also a good way to avoid getting hit too much, as it can reduce the amount of damage dealt by your enemy when you use an elemental attack.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin All Weapons List


Bundle Blade Set
Bundle Blade650N/A1000Rakugai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeon 1-1
Keen Blade1870N/ABattle Dungeon 1-3
Handy Blade1260N/A5500Rakugai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-5, 1-8)
Stonecarver2801N/ABattle Dungeons (2-4, 2-6)
Vulpecula2401N/ABattle Dungeon 2-4
Radiant Drunkard2001Heat Charge +15% while Drunk13570Rakugai Arms Dealer (Ch. 5)
Battle Dungeon 2-6
Missilecutter3831Attack +20% vs. Armor33000Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeon 2-6
King of Beasts3201Corporal Trait Effect +15%33000Mukurogai Arms Dealer (Ch. 10)
Battle Dungeons (2-6, 2-9)
Eternal Gold3851Heat Charge +7%Battle Dungeons (2-3, 2-6)
Samonji5801Special Move Heat Cost -7%Battle Dungeon 2-10
Dotanuki6203Guard Break +14%Battle Dungeon 2-10
Close Shave7501N/ABattle Dungeon 3-2
Crane Princess5202Corporal Trait Effect +15%Battle Dungeon 3-1
Dojigiri9355Guard Break +14%Battle Dungeon 3-18
Oni-maru11302Guard Break +14%Battle Dungeon 3-13
Kogarasu-maru4602Trooper EXP Gain +10%Battle Dungeon 2-9
Otenta9703Corporal Trait Effect +15%Battle Dungeon 3-19
Masamune8302Heat Charge +7% (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-10
Legion Slayer7802Special Move Heat Cost -7% (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-13
Nameless Sword Set
Nameless Sword600N/A1000Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-1, 1-2)
Ebony Sword2250N/ABattle Dungeons (1-4, 1-10)
Ivory Sword2400N/A5500Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-4, 1-6)
Yaksha Blade3301N/ABattle Dungeons (2-1, 2-6)
Elegance3501N/ABattle Dungeons (2-2, 2-6)
Juzu-maru6301PoisonBattle Dungeon 3-20
Sakura Storm4801WindBattle Dungeon 3-18
Skink Lizard5352Drain Damage +8%Battle Dungeon 3-18
Light of Heaven5601Light84700Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeon 3-2
Firefly4501ThunderMust be Crafted
Shiranui5031Fire84700Mukurogai Arms Dealer (Ch. 10)
Suijin’s Demise7252Poison
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-10
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-13
Morning Gale8203Wind
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-7
Muramasa6803Drain Damage +8% (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-13
Mikazuki Munechika9003Light
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-13
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-10
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-20
Kotetsu7804Special Attack with Grab ButtonBattle Dungeon 3-17
Kiku Ichimonji7804Special Attack with Grab ButtonBattle Dungeon 3-17
Ujishige7804Special Attack with Grab ButtonBattle Dungeon 3-17
Tunasmith Set
Tunasmith2401N/A1000Wandering Goods Merchant
Mysterious Merchant
Battle Dungeon 2-6
The Radish4352Defense +13 (x2)Must be Crafted
Jelly Blade4352EXP Gain +7%Gambling Den (50,000 poitns)
Battle Dungeon 3-18
Blossoming Bud8053Drain Damage +8%
Defense +16
Battle Dungeon 3-18
Sparkling Jelly Blade8302EXP Gain +7%
Enemy Drop Rate +6%
Battle Dungeon 3-7
Yoshiyuki Set
Yoshiyuki771N/AStarting Weapon
Battle Dungeon 3-4
Black Ships’ Bane3561EXP Gain +7%Battle Dungeon 3-4
Celestial Steed4352EXP Gain +7%
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-18
Tideturner7353EXP Gain +7%
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-13
Dragon Slayer9103EXP Gain +7%
Attack +20% vs. Armor
Battle Dungeon 3-18
Worn Sword Set
Worn Sword253N/A1000Rare Prize Wheel
Rakugai Arms Dealer
(Friendship Complete)
Battle Dungeon 3-10
Rusted Conqueror’s Sword254LightBattle Dungeon 3-17
Rusted Divine Sword251Attack +9% at Low HealthBattle Dungeon 3-17
Rusted Yamato251PoisonBattle Dungeon 3-17
Blade of the Shogun10455Light
Elemental Attack +75%
Battle Dungeon 3-17
Ame-no-Murakumo9955Attack +9% at Low Health (x2)Completion Reward: Substories
Elemental Attack +75%
Battle Dungeon 3-19
Golden Sword10054Special Move Heat Cost -7% (x2)Arena Shop (125,000)
Worn Magical Sword251Drain Damage +8%Defeat Final Challenge
Last of the Dragons9355Drain Damage +8%
Guard Break +14%
Must be Crafted
Kijin-maru Kunishige5805N/ADLC
Bloody Sheen3701Drain Damage +8%DLC
Bonechewer6904Guard Break +14%Special Offer DLC
Waterdrop7824WindSpecial Offer DLC
Snowcap3404Heat Charge +7%
Heat Charge +15% while Drunk
PlayStation Exclusive DLC
Poet Immortal3804Charge Attack +16%XBox Exclusive DLC
Dragon’s Clutch3284LightPC Exclusive DLC

Special Weapons

Spear Set
Straight Spear1050N/A1000Rakugai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-8, 2-7)
Thousands Spear1430N/ABattle Dungeons (1-8, 2-7, 3-14)
Sturdy Spear2210N/ABattle Dungeon 2-7
Cross Spear2501N/ABattle Dungeons (2-3, 2-7)
Cloudpiercer6900N/ABattle Dungeon 2-10
Spirit of Japan7901Heat Up 15/s at Low HealthBattle Dungeon 3-11
Lightning Needle3982ThunderBattle Dungeon 3-11
Five Ring Crusher4501Corporal Trait Effect +15%Battle Dungeon 3-11
Otegine8001N/ABattle Dungeon 3-11
Nihongo9401Heat Up 15/s at Low HealthBattle Dungeon 3-14
Tonbokiri7402N/ABattle Dungeon 3-14
White Dragon8402Corporal Trait Effect +15%Battle Dungeon 3-14
Completion Reward: Wanted Men
Goofy Spear Set
Doll on a Stick1701Enemy Drop Rate +6%1000Wandering Goods Merchant
Mysterious Merchant
Battle Dungeons (2-1, 2-4, 2-7)
Great Writing Brush2251Enemy Drop Rate +6%Battle Dungeon 2-7
Giant Chikuwa6202Enemy Drop Rate +6%Battle Dungeon 3-7
Odachi Set
Odachi2500N/A1000Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeon 1-10
Centered Odachi3680N/ABattle Dungeon 1-10
Horsechopper6561N/A33000Mysterious Merchant
Battle Dungeons (1-10, 2-4, 2-6)
Battle-axe5322N/A33000Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (2-3, 2-6)
Decorated Hagoita12302WindBattle Dungeon 3-16
Sledgehammer10202Break Guard +14% (x2)Battle Dungeon 2-10
Exorcism Greatsword10603N/ABattle Dungeon 3-16
Jumbo Saw11601Attack +9%Battle Dungeon 3-6
Bonbori Lantern14002Wind
Battle Dungeon 3-16
Demon Smasher12553Break Guard +14% (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-16
Haja-no-Ontachi12654N/ABattle Dungeon 3-16
Nenekiri-maru14102Drain Damage +8% (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-19
Cannon Set
Cannon3250N/A1000Mysterious Merchant
Mukurogai Arms Dealer (Ch. 5)
Battle Dungeon 2-2
Bronze Cannon3501N/ABattle Dungeon 2-4
Mortar4251N/ABattle Dungeon 2-3
Karakuri Cannon4202WindBattle Dungeon 2-9
Pigeon Cannon3802N/A33000Wandering Goods Merchant
Battle Dungeon 3-6
Destroyer of Lands5701WindBattle Dungeon 2-10
Electromagnetic Cannon4553ThunderBattle Dungeon 3-6
Phoenix Cannon5654FireMust be Crafted
Black Ship Cannon4001N/ADLC


Imported Revolver Set
Imported Revolver650N/A1000Rakugai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-2, 1-9)
High Revolver900N/A5500Rakugai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-5, 1-6)
Iron Grinder2301N/A33000Mukurogai Arms Dealer (Ch. 10)
Battle Dungeons (2-1, 2-8)
Quickfire1251Fire Rate UpBattle Dungeons (2-3, 2-8)
Reinforced Warrior3002N/ABattle Dungeon 2-8
Sword Crusher2901Guard Break +14%Battle Dungeon 3-1
Double Strike1752Fire Rate UpBattle Dungeon 2-9
Heartbeat3451Charge Light Attack for 300% DamageBattle Dungeon 2-8
Raging Bullet4352N/ABattle Dungeon 3-7
Spirit Smasher3452Guard Break +14% (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-15
Double Flash190320% chance for Double Shot (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-15
Soul Beat4003Charge Light Attack for 300% Damage (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-7
Domestic Revolver Set
Domestic Revolver600N/A1000Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-3, 1-9)
Watershot701Heat Charge +7%5500Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-6, 1-8)
Cloudy Skies651High Fire Rate Up5500Mukurogai Arms Dealer
Battle Dungeons (1-9, 1-10)
Reflection1601Heat Charge +7%Battle Dungeons (2-2, 2-8)
Winter Winds1001High Fire Rate UpBattle Dungeons (2-4, 2-8)
Serenity3601Heat Charge +7%Battle Dungeon 2-10
Nio3201Defense +13Battle Dungeon 2-10
Cherry Blossom2002Elemental Attack +75% (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-4
Sturm und Drang1802High Fire Rate Up84700Mukurogai Arms Dealer (Ch. 10)
Battle Dungeon 3-2
Daylight3552Heat Charge +7%
Special Move Heat Cost -7%
Battle Dungeon 3-15
Indestructible Truth4102Defense +16Battle Dungeon 3-12
Weeping Sakura3402Elemental Attack +75% (x2)Battle Dungeon 3-15
Vortex3904High Fire Rate UpBattle Dungeon 3-12
Wooden Gun Set
Wooden Gun700N/AGambling Den (10,000 points)
Battle Dungeons (1-4, 1-9)
Peashooter1901EXP Gain +7%13750Mysterious Merchant
Battle Dungeons (2-4, 2-8)
Chopstick Gun801Enemy Drop Rate +6%Battle Dungeon 2-8
Cuckoo3102Drain Damage +8%
EXP Gain +7%
Battle Dungeon 3-12
Spring in Full Bloom2602Drain Damage +8%
Enemy Drop Rate +6%
Battle Dungeon 3-12
Model 2 Set
Model 2771N/ABattle Dungeon 3-3
Model 32402N/ABattle Dungeon 3-3
Model 103953Charge Light Attack for 300% DamageBattle Dungeon 3-3
Model 144605Charge Light Attack for 300% DamageBattle Dungeon 3-15
Worn Pistol254N/AWilliam Bradley Bartering
Rusted Pistol254N/ABattle Dungeon 3-19
Dragon Hawk445520% chance for Double Shot
Fire Rate Up
Battle Dungeon 3-20
Golden Gun5154Special Move Heat Cost -7% (x2)Gambling Den (100,000 points)

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