The Cycle: Frontier Release Date and More

The Cycle: Frontier is going to be one of the free-to-play PvP and PvE games we are going to enjoy this year. The game managed to attract attention with its multiplayer option and amazing graphics. The game expecting to be released later this year. So let’s check out The Cycle Frontier and learn more about it.  

You are going to be one of the prospectors and investigate an alien world in this game. This world was ravaged by a massive storm, and now it is inhabited by dangerous creatures. You need to make your way to enjoy the riches of the planet while eliminating every creature that will try to stop or eat you alive. Although the game is not released yet, we believe that just like all other free-to-play games, The Cycle: Frontier will be favored by many players.

The Cycle: Frontier Story

You are going to land in Fortuna III, which is a planet ravaged by a massive storm. Now, it is full of richness and blood-thirsty creatures. As a prospector, you are going to explore this planet and find as many resources as possible and treasures as you can. However, although finding them will not be a problem, trying to keep them will be highly challenging.

Only the prosecutors who will stay alive can keep their treasures and resources. Thus, this makes you target other players too. Besides blood-thirsty and dangerous creatures, you have to be careful against other players in case you want to keep your rewards! The risks will be high, but the rewards will be higher in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Gameplay

The massive storm that wiped out the locals of the planet is called the Cycle. You can drop to the surface at any time you want. You don’t have to worry about waiting queues, however, you are not allowed, or in other words, it is not possible when the Cycle is active.

Thus, you will have a narrow gap to jump to the surface and start discovering the treasures and resources. This means that you will encounter new players all the time, and you need to be more aware than ever. This is why you may want to team up with your friends to make sure that you will stay alive more and collect more rewards.

You can request an evacuation at regular intervals to keep your treasures. However, this will also make you target other players, which you need to be really careful about. In addition to this, you should avoid making too much noise since you can easily attract the wildlife to your location.

There are three factions in The Cycle: Frontier, which players can choose from. Each of these factions is run by different cooperation, and you will be one of their mercenaries. Depending on what faction you are going to prefer, you will enjoy unique skills and mechanics.  

When Will The Cycle: Frontier Be Released?

Unfortunately, the official release date of The Cycle: Frontier is still unknown. However, one thing we are sure of is that the game will be released in 2022. Right now, the closed beta season 2 is live. We believe that the developer Yager, which is also the publisher of the game, will release the full game towards the end of the year.

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