The Division Heartland – A New Adventure in the Division Universe

Ubisoft has announced a free-to-play new Tom Clancy’s The Division game: The Division Heartland. The game is announced surprisingly by Ubisoft recently. In this article, we compiled all stuff shared about the game like The Division Heartland release date and predictions.

Ubisoft The Division Heartland Announcement

The Division Heartland – A New Adventure in the Division Universe 2

A Tweet was published on Ubisoft’s official Twitter account about the roadmap of The Division universe. The highlight of this Tweet was The Division Heartland, a brand new free-to-play Tom Clancy’s The Division game. There isn’t much information in the announcement about the game on Ubisoft’s official website, but the roadmap of Tom Clancy’s The Division universe is summarized with a timeline chart as above.

After the tremendous achievement of The Division 2 with over 40 million unique players, The Division developer team had planned to introduce The Division universe with more players. The Division Heartland has shown the most important parts of this plan in the announcement.

In addition to these, Red Storm studio will be the developer team like the other Tom Clancy’s The Division games. Red Storm studio has been working on Tom Clancy franchise games since 1997. The last game published by the Red Storm studio is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. In short, they stated in the statement that Red Storm Studio is the team that best suits this project with their experience.

The Division Heartland Predictions

Ubisoft hasn’t stated what format The Division Heartland takes. But many game experts predict that Ubisoft will release the game in Battle Royal format like Call Of Duty: Warzone.

It is also stated in the statement that the game, which is predicted to take place in the Heartland region of America, will be independent of the first two Division games. It is estimated that the game, which is expected to take place in a smaller area compared to the first two games of the series, will bring a brand new perspective to the Division universe.

The Division Heartland Release Date

The Division Heartland is expected to be released in 2021-22, as stated in the announcement. You can sign up for the Ubisoft Division development team if you are a volunteer for the early test phases. Although the release date of the game is stated as 2021-22, it seems more likely that the game will be released in 2022. It is also predicted that The Division Heartland will be released first for PC and then for PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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