The First Descendant Multiplayer Mode

The First Descendant is a free-to-play third-person cooperative action RPG shooter. It features high-quality graphics, attractive and unique characters, exciting gunplay, huge boss battles, and multiplayer mode.

Nexon Games has released a full trailer for its new sci-fi hero shooter, The First Descendant, ahead of Gamescom. The free-to-play third-person cooperative looter-shooter features unique character abilities, gripping gunplay, and massive boss fights.

Its gameplay is inspired by games like Destiny 2 and Outriders. The trailer promises explosive action and a world full of otherworldly powers.

As the player, you take on the character of a Descendant, a hero who inherited the power of their ancestors and is called upon to save mankind in a time of crisis. The game is set on the Ingris continent, which has been invaded by aliens and is teetering on the edge of destruction, and it offers beautiful visuals, interesting characters, exciting missions, and huge boss raids.

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The First Descendant Multiplayer Mode 2

Will The First Descendant Support Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, The First Descendant, the upcoming sci-fi looter-shooter with fantasy elements from Nexon’s Magnum Studio will include cooperative multiplayer mode as well as single-player story mode.

The Co-op Campaign Will Support Up to 4 Players

You will experience the fun of strategic boss fights through 4-player co-op and various unique characters, exciting gunplay, and looting in The First Descendant. A variety of equipment is necessary for growth. You can obtain them through clearing scenario missions within the game or in the World Missions, where cooperation is crucial and battles with huge bosses.

You Can Take Down Huge Bosses With Your Teammates

With the rest of your team, you can work together to take down the huge bosses in Void Intercept battles – each requiring a different tactic to defeat – or attempt to hold out as long as possible in Consecutive Survival and Consecutive Defense missions.

The entire campaign can be played cooperatively. The game has large raid bosses that can be fought with four players in co-op. Each raid boss has a different appearance and gimmick, so it’s essential to cooperate with your teammates.

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