The Kingdom of Rogueing – The Funny Roguelike Now in the Loathing Universe

The Kingdom of Rogueing is a fantasy RPG roguelike game, as you can understand from the name. The Kingdom of Rogueing kind of a mix of the last two Loathing games. Vampires, ghosts, skeletons, snakes, and demons appear in a stick figure in this RPG fantasy-ish comedy game.


Zack Johnson, the developer of West of Loathing, released in 2017, is here with a brand new roguelike RPG game. Developer Zack Johnson defines the game as “Plumb the depths and heights of procedurally-generated caves, gulches, wizard towers, and more. Fight procedurally-generated enemies and take their procedurally-generated stuff!” Also, he stated that The Kingdom of Rogueing is built with the same engine as West of Loathing, SWOLE—The Standard West of Loathing Engine.

After creating your character, five different maps will be waiting for you to embark on an adventure; a spooky series of caverns, a dusty gulch, a haunted cemetery, a mansion, and a wizard’s tower. The game lets you choose the order on where to start. You’ll battle with your enemies and loot everything to acquire items including, trousers, bandages, hats, cocktails, hot dogs, and meats. You’ll also be able to get the standard currency of Loathing, which you can spend in towns.

One of the best features in the game is the Iron Adventurer mode. When you play in this mode, the game will become even more fun, and even if you lose only one battle, the game will be over. Although it was designed well enough in normal mode, I found it much more fun to play in Iron Adventurer mode. By the way, when you lose a battle in Normal mode, the game doesn’t end, but you lose XP and Meat. Let’s not finish without mentioning that I definitely couldn’t finish the game in Iron Adventurer mode.

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The Kingdom of Rogueing Download

The Kingdom of Rogueing is now only available to download on itch.IO. You can download the game by visiting zapjackson’s itch.IO account and download the game on that page.

Unfortunately, you cannot play the game without downloading it. So, it’s not available for playing on a browser. To play the game, you should download it from itch.IO.

The Kingdom of Rogueing is playable on Windows PC and macOS platforms. We don’t know yet if the game will be published for other platforms. Stay tuned to Lawod to get the latest news about the game.

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