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The Lion’s Song download is available for several platforms including, Windows PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. It is good to see such a game on multiple platforms like these. Whether you are a mobile gamer, PC gamer, or Switch gamer, you can play the game whenever you want.

Those unfamiliar with the Lion’s Song can check out our The Lion’s Song – Award-Winning Narrative Game article. We also shared the gameplay video of the game on Lawod’s Youtube account. You guys can check it out if you wish.

The Lions Song ep2 download
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It should be noted that The Lion’s Song is not a free-to-play game but, you can add the game to your game library from Epic Games for free till April 20th. After that day, it will be charged $7,99 like its Season Pass price on Steam.

There is also another trick you should know that is Steam only gives the first episode for free. So, if you want to play the other episodes of the game, you have to pay an additional $3,99 for each episode. However, if you buy the game from Epic Games, you can add the whole game to your game library for free till April 20th.

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The Lion’s Song Download PC

The Lion’s Song download is available on several platforms. You can buy it to play on your PC. To play the game on your Windows PC, you can buy it from Steam and Epic Games. To recall, only the first episode of the game is free-to-play other episodes not. If you want to buy the whole game, you should buy the season pass for $7,99. You can also get each episode by paying $3,99. On the other hand, if you are a Macbook owner, you can buy the game for $4,99 from Mac App Store

The Lion’s Song Mobile Download

The great thing about Lion’s Song is the game also available on mobile platforms. You can play this narrative game on your iOS devices or Android devices. This award-winning game is available for purchase from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store at the same price, $4,99.

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The Lion’s Song Nintendo Switch

You can also play this narrative adventure game on your Switch. All you have to do is visiting Nintendo Store and buying the game for paying $9,99. Yes, when you compared it with other platforms, it seems more expensive. But, if you don’t have any access to other platforms, it is worth buying it. We suggest that you should play this award-winning episodic adventure series on your Nintendo Switch.

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