The Lion’s Song – Award-Winning Narrative Game

The Lion’s Song is an award-winning episode-based narrative adventure game, where you play stories of talented artists set in the early 20th century of Austria. The Lion’s Song will be distributed by Epic Games for free until April 20th. Let’s see if this storytelling adventure game, which has managed to get excellent scores and awards from most platforms, will be able to impress you.

The Lion's Song – Award-Winning Narrative Game 2

The Lion’s Song Trailer

The Lion’s Song was first announced for PC and was absent on any other platform for a year. But when the game received good feedback, it started to be published on other platforms. The Lion’s Song was announced for Nintendo Switch in July 2018 with the trailer below.

The Lion’s Song In A Nutshell

Set in Austria, a country of art in the center of Europe, this play explores the rising fame of different artists and the changes in their environment. Each character in the game goes through these difficult paths to become a world-renowned artist.

In total, four episodes and different characters are in the protagonist role in each episode in this game.

  1. The first episode of The Lion’s Song is about a very talented young musician, Wilma Dörfil. If you wish, you can watch the gameplay video of the first episode below.
  2. The second episode of the play is about Franz Markert, a painter looking for himself.
  3. In the third episode, the story of Emma Recniczek, a mathematician whose talents are ignored and excluded because of her gender, awaits us.
  4. The last episode is actually a binding section and is like a summary of the other episodes. Emotional closure is indispensable in the final episode.

The Lion’s Song Gameplay

Here is The Lion’s Song Gameplay video. We played the first episode named Silence for you to understand better how the game is and to see better how to play it. You can watch The Lion’s Song gameplay below if you want.

As you can see in the gameplay video, the game’s story begins at a train station in 20th century Austria. You are playing Wilma’s story in the first episode. Wilma Dörfil is a young composer looking for inspiration and left his family at the same train station as her brother. We don’t want to give you any spoilers more so that you don’t lose the fun and mystery of the game.

If you want to decide to buy the game, you can read The Lion’s Song Download article. The last thing you should know is the game is available for free on Epic Games until April 20th. If you miss this chance, you have to pay $7,99 to buy a seasonal pass.

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