The Lost & Wicked – The World’s First Indie Game that Sprang a Weed Collabo!?!

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The Lost & Wicked is one of the indie games developed by Isaac Torres. Other contributors to the game include Zack Kennedy, who composed the soundtrack, and Andrew Diatroptoff, who wrote the story.

The Lost & Wicked is like a surreal art house horror-styled BulletHell shooter and offers fun and fast-paced gameplay with a great story, an exciting soundtrack, and amazing visuals. However, what makes the game unique is its own marijuana strain. The developer teamed up with North Country Pharms and managed to be the first and only video game that has a marijuana string named after it.

The Lost & Wicked has been a project of Isaac Torres since his high school education. Later, he met with Zack Kennedy in college, and the duo created their team. After four years of development, the game will be officially released soon.

Although the developer didn’t share too many details about the content of the game, we have compiled everything we could find for you in the following sections. Do not miss your opportunity to learn more about this indie game.

The Lost & Wicked Has a Captivating Story and Gameplay

The Lost & Wicked refers to itself as a Brutal-Twin Psycho-Thriller. According to the story of the game, you are going to discover your past and learn where you came from. However, things will escalate quickly, and you will find yourself surrounded by creatures. Your aim should be to find an answer to a question: Are you lost or are you wicked?

You will be able to unlock new abilities and weapons as the game gets more challenging as you progress. However, you should never give up and keep progressing to learn more about your past. One thing we’re sure you’ll enjoy is that the game offers a great shooter experience.

You will also find plenty of challenging and unique bosses in The Lost & Wicked. Players must keep improving their abilities to tackle the challenging bosses in this great action-adventure game.

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The Lost & Wicked - The World's First Indie Game that Sprang a Weed Collabo!?! 2

The Lost & The Wicked Release Date

Unfortunately, we must wait a few more weeks to start enjoying The Lost & Wicked. The game is still under development, and the developers are making the final touches.

According to the official statement, The Lost & Wicked will be released on March 24, 2022. It will be released on both Steam and VoxPop games. If you would like to enjoy this game right now or want to learn more about it, you can download the demo on Steam.

We also recommend adding the game to your wishlist on VoxPop. In this way, VoxPop and Steam can notify you via email to let you know about the release of The Lost & Wicked. So, what do you think about it? Will you play The Lost & Wicked? Share it with us in the comments.

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