The New F1 22 Revealed

Formula 1 is the most famous and exciting racing franchise in the world. That is why the F1 series published by EA Games is one of the most promising racing games every year! Finally, EA revealed the new F1 22 on April 22.

The official release date of the new Formula 1 racing simulation game is set for July 1, 2022. However, players can purchase the game right now by pre-ordering it. If you pre-order the game right now, you can also enjoy a special Miami-themed content pack. It is worth noting that F1 22 is also developed by Codemasters, just like the previous years.

What Is New in F1 22?

A new season has started with the official opening of Formula 1 this year. This new season brought new rules, new cars, new drivers, and new liveries to Formula 1. In this year’s F1 game, players will have access to new formula cars, their new liveries, and their mechanics. Additionally, Race Day is redefined in F1 22. Players will enjoy new cinematic formation laps and pit stops in their virtual adventure.

The new Miami International Autodrome will also be introduced in F1 22. Besides these amazing tracks, players can enjoy some of the iconic tracks from F1 like the previous year as well. Codemasters also introduce a new AI system, which will be helpful for new players who are not experienced in F1 sequences.

The New F1 22 Revealed lawod ss

F1 22 can be seen as the same game as the previous year. However, just like in all other games, there are minor additions and improvements to the game. If you like to play racing games or love F1 franchising (like us), it may be a great idea to purchase F1 22.

Let’s see how it is going to be in the new F1 car in the F1 22 Simulation game. We’ll get this feeling when the game comes out on July 1. It should also be noted that another official F1 game, titled F1 Manager 22, developed by Frontier, will be released this year. So this year is going to be a great year, especially for Formula 1 lovers.

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