The Perfect Tower 2 Cheats and Codes

Check out to discover The Perfect Tower 2 cheats and codes that will make things easier for you:

The Perfect Tower 2 is an idle action game that combines incremental, tower defense, and idle gameplay elements. You can build your town and explore different regions to unlock a huge number of mini-games and upgrades in The Perfect Tower 2. But unlocking these upgrades and mini-games can be hard and may take a lot of time. That’s why you may need some cheats and codes that make things easier for you.

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In The Perfect Tower sequel, your tower has the ability to shoot down the constant stream of enemy cubes that invade your island. These defeated enemies provide valuable resources to upgrade your town and unlock new technological advancements. You can utilize these upgrades to defeat the most challenging bosses.

With each wave, you can improve your tower’s attack speed and hit points by enhancing it with upgrade tiers. Each level also has a unique theme that gives you a clue as to what kind of enemies you’re facing. You can also find other ways to increase your performance, including cheats and codes, which is an easier way to do it. Here are the most essential The Perfect Tower 2 cheats:

The Perfect Tower 2 Save Back Cheat

If you have lost your saved data, there are two methods you can try to retrieve it. Here are the two options available to you.

  1. If your saved game appears to be corrupt, it may not actually be so. Sometimes only the timestamp is affected. Therefore, it’s best to try loading the game first before panicking. 
  2. Additionally, if your local save fails to load, don’t worry as long as you’ve been playing online since you have a cloud backup available.

The Perfect Tower 2 saves your progress into our cloud in addition to the local save and the steam cloud. This means that when you open the game, and it shows a corrupt save game, you will still have the option to load your save game from the cloud!

If the cloud indicates that you are “offline,” the game is unable to log you in. When you first start the game, it tries to log you in via Steam; however, because of the heavy server demand, it is possible that the login won’t function, and you’ll need to restart the game to try again.

The Perfect Tower 2 Cheats and Codes Lawod ss
The Perfect Tower 2 Cheats and Codes 2

The Perfect Tower 2 Secret Codes

In hqt 0:

  • gitgud – 10k all, except 8 rare gems
  • lina – 1 black, 3 purple, 3 gems, 7 rare gems
  • mytower42 – 2 rare gems
  • wave71 – 71 all, except 17 rare gems

In hqt 1:

  • chatisawesome – 6k orange + red + blue, 500 gems, 15 rare gems

In hqt 2:

  • perfecttower2 – 500 red + blue + green, 1k black, 300 gems, 2 rare gems

If you are beginning to use codes starting with “hqt 0“, it is recommended to follow these suggestions. Otherwise, distribute the three main codes among three different beginning tiers, and use up the three smaller codes as soon as possible. This approach will give you an advantage in three different starting tiers instead of just one.

Please keep in mind that all these The Perfect Tower 2 secret codes may expire at any time! So, when you read this article, these codes may already be expired.

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