The Quarry Was Released on Steam! You Should Have A Look At

The Quarry managed to receive plenty of amazing feedback and reviews from many authorities. If you still have no idea about this new horror game, then we assure you that you are missing a lot! Each of your choices matters in this cinematic horror game, which makes it quite fantastic to play.

In our opinion, The Quarry is one of the classics of recent years, and we are going to remember this gem for a long time. It is now released on Steam, and you may not want to miss your opportunity to enjoy this masterpiece at all. Here is a quick overview so you can learn more about this great game.

The Quarry Lawod
The Quarry Was Released on Steam! You Should Have A Look At 2

The Quarry is one of the most popular games launched a few months ago. It is a single-player horror game that is famous for its cinematic graphics. One of the distinctive features of the game is that you can shape the story depending on your choices. Considering the publisher of The Quarry, which is 2K Games, you can have pretty high expectations, which you will not regret.

The game was developed by Supermassive Games, and it was released on June 10, 2022. What makes the game worth trying is that it got plenty of amazing ratings from many reviewers. You can also check out the player reviews on the Steam platform.

The Quarry’s Story is Impressive

According to the story of the game, nine teenagers go to a camp where they will suffer inconvenient accidents. Eventually, these inconveniences will turn into a human hunt. However, this will not be all! As one of the teenagers in the camp, you need to run away from evil creatures that will be chasing you as well!

Players can play with all nine teenagers, and at some point in the story, of course, depending on your choices, you can also encounter them. It is totally up to you whether you are going to survive hell or lose your life at that moment.

Why Should You Give a Try The Quarry?

Although you can find plenty of horror video games these days, we assure you that The Quarry is unique! It is one of the AAA games that will let you experience true horror. The fact that shaping the story is in your hands makes the game much more interesting.

You may not trust organizations that review games and offer awards. However, The Quarry received a great rating from actual players as well. Thus, in our opinion, you should add this game to your game library and play it at least once in your life.

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