theHunter Call of the Wild is Free on Epic Games Store

If you like hunting games or are interested in hunting, Epic Games Store is giving away just what you need, theHunter Call of the Wild! Once you add the game to your game library on Epic Games, you can access the game for free forever.

As you know Epic Games offer free games every week to introduce new and amazing games. Thanks to these promotions, players can enjoy amazing games without the need for spending money. This week, Epic Games offered one of the best hunting games for free until December 2. It is called theHunter: Call of the Wild!

Even though we are not support hunting, we are sharing this game by hoping that this game feeds the hunter sense of those who are interested in hunting.

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theHunter Call of the Wild Overview

theHunter: Call of the Wild is considered to be the most immersive hunting game. Literally, you can hunt all kinds of animals in this fantastic game. It was developed by Expansive Worlds and released on February 16, 2017. You should not worry about it being an outdated game.

The developers often release updates to improve the game and introduce new weapons or experiences. It is worth noting that theHunter: Call of the Wild is also regarded as the most realistic hunting game. Without a doubt, you are going to have plenty of fun while hunting animals in this game. Besides, amazing natural scenery and atmosphere are waiting for you too!

The gameplay of theHunter Call of the Wild is highly straightforward. You are going to pick your favorite weapon and hunting equipment and then hit the road. Depending on the season or animal you are after, you are going to play in different venues that will take your breath away.

As you can play the game alone, you can also team up with your friends to increase your chance. It is worth noting that the game also offers different in-game challenges to pursue. This makes the game much funnier than you expect. Moreover, you can also buy additional DLCs to access new game animals, equipment, weapons, and other bonuses.


theHunter: Call of the Wild Editor Opinion

Anyone who likes the idea of hunting or loves to track traces in games can play theHunter Call of the Wild. This game offers a very realistic hunting experience with quality graphics. It may be a great option for those who love sniper games too.

Thanks to the realistic environment and experience, you always have to put a distance between your target and yourself. Thus, players who love to play sniper can hone their sniping skills in theHunter Call of the Wild. If you like to follow up on Epic Games free games, don’t forget to the check out Epic Games Free Games List every week.

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