Top 5 Christmas-Themed Video Games You Can Play

Whether you're hosting friends or family, these Christmas video games bring a little friendly competition and lots of all-inclusive fun.

With the holiday season around the corner, why not indulge in some Christmas-themed video games? These games are a perfect mix of entertaining gameplay and holiday cheer, featuring heartwarming stories and action-packed escapades in snowy landscapes. 

We’re sure that these top 5 Christmas games will add an extra sprinkle of joy to your holiday celebrations. So, let’s take a look at each one and explore the magical world of Christmas gaming.

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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: The Holy Flame’s Gift

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Top 5 Christmas-Themed Video Games You Can Play 2

There’s a new holiday event in Square Enix’s mobile remake of Final Fantasy 7! It’s not a new game, but a new story that includes two exciting things. 

  1. First, Tifa, one of the main characters, got a new Christmas outfit that fans are talking about. 
  2. Second, the bad guy in the new story is a gingerbread Cactuar.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: The Holy Flame’s Gift is a mobile-exclusive, free-to-play RPG that breathes new life into the timeless world of Final Fantasy VII

Developed by Applibot, The Holy Flame’s Gift covers the extensive narrative of the FF7 compilation, incorporating elements from various related titles such as The First SoldierCrisis Core, and the original FF7

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: The Holy Flame’s Gift also delves into the gacha system, a familiar element in free-to-play mobile games. While the game allows players to unlock all characters without any monetary investment, the main monetization comes from acquiring weapons through gacha draws. 

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division, a creation of Ubisoft, stands out in the gaming world for its unique blend of action-RPG elements and a richly detailed, post-apocalyptic setting. 

The Division immerses players in a meticulously crafted snowy world where a pandemic has decimated New York City, thrusting society into chaos. 

The narrative, grounded in Tom Clancy’s signature military-style realism, revolves around the agents of the Strategic Homeland Division, or The Division, tasked with restoring order and investigating the source of the outbreak. The game is known for its engaging storyline, tactical combat, and cooperative multiplayer gameplay, making it a hit among fans of tactical shooters and RPGs alike.

The gameplay mechanics in The Division series are a standout feature, combining cover-based shooting with RPG-like character progression and loot systems. Players can customize their agents with a wide array of weapons, gear, and skills, tailoring their playstyle to either solo play or cooperative team strategies.

If you’re seeking a game that immerses you in a post-pandemic fiction, within the icy, snowy terrain of New York City, then Tom Clancy’s The Division may be just the game you’re looking for.

Christmas Massacre

Christmas Massacre, developed and published by Puppet Combo, is an indie action game with a unique, dark comedic twist. Set in a low-poly, 1980s-inspired world, players delve into an intense stealth slasher experience. While it might not have the fine atmosphere and interesting design, this quick burst of entertainment is fun to play, especially if you’re into slashing ’80s teen stereotypes in Santa suits.

In Christmas Massacre, you take on the role of mute serial killer Larry, who’s got a problem – his Christmas tree is telling him to kill people for being naughty. Players navigate through levels with first and third-person camera views, utilizing various masks and costumes to carry out their stealthy killings. 

The game is characterized by its fast-paced action, drenched in gore, and presented with crusty PS1-style graphics, offering a blend of arcade-style stealth and dark humor. It is one of the best Christmas games you can play and is now going to be released for PS and Xbox consoles.


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Sledders, developed by Hanki Games and published by Bonus Stage Publishing, is an engaging, physics-based snowmobile simulator set in a realistic, open-world environment. It is definitely one of the best Christmas games, with its snowy environment and racing action.

The game offers a thrilling experience of maneuvering snowmobiles through deep snow in vast backcountry terrains. It features a variety of sleds, environments, maps, and customization options, ensuring a diverse and immersive gameplay experience. 

Players can enjoy the game in both single-player and online multiplayer modes, tackling challenges and competing with friends. 

Realistic snow physics demands mastery of various skills for effective maneuvering, adding depth and authenticity to the gaming experience.

The Grinch: Christmas Adventures

The Grinch: Christmas Adventures, developed by Casual Brothers Ltd. and published by Outright Games Ltd., is a vibrant and engaging platformer game inspired by Dr. Seuss’s classic Christmas tale.

Released on October 13, 2023, the game allows players to step into the shoes of the Grinch and his dog, Max, as they attempt to steal Christmas presents from Whoville.

As you know, The Grinch is a misanthropic, ill-natured, green, furry creature who lives alone on a cliff overlooking the town of Whoville. The Grinch hates Christmas, whose festivities he finds to be annoying, noisy, and obnoxious. He particularly detests the Whos’ habit of singing, gift-giving, and feasting on Christmas Eve and their festive decorations of Whoville.

The gameplay involves sneaking around, solving puzzles, and using a variety of gadgets, such as a Santa costume for stealth and a Candy Cane Lasso. The game aims at a family-friendly audience, features colorful visuals based on Dr. Seuss’s illustrations, and offers local multiplayer fun. It’s designed to be accessible for younger players, with puzzles and controls tailored to their abilities.

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