Top 5 Railway Empire 2 Mods

Railway Empire 2 scratches an attractive, comforting itch for sim fans. With its campaign and plethora of scenarios, this Kalypso Media-published game is both intimidating and exhilarating.

Improvements over the original mean it’s marginally more approachable, but there’s still a barrier to entry that may prove too high for some. Become a rail tycoon and lay down lines that connect towns with valuable resources.

Pennsylvania Railroad

Pennsylvania Railroad Lawod ss
Top 5 Railway Empire 2 Mods 6

At the turn of the 20th century, the Pennsylvania Railroad, or Pennsy, was the biggest American railway by traffic. It was the trendsetter that ushered in the age of steel locomotives and that discarded wooden-bodied passenger trains in favor of safer, smoother metal ones. Its engineering feats included the Horseshoe Curve in Blair County, a 220-degree loop that allowed trains to traverse the Kittanning Gap. It also acquired access to Baltimore and Washington DC through a merger with its rival New York Central.

Pennsy’s accomplishments are presented to you in this scenario, which strongly emphasizes historical accuracy. These tasks include tying together Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh and assisting them in becoming the center of the region.

Features of Pennsylvania Railroad Mod:

  • New version of the Great Lakes map, with dozens of new cities and more realistic rural business placement. (Great Lakes DLC required)
  • All locomotives have been re-tuned with authentic technical data as reference. Grades, curves, and train weight will have a significant impact on performance, making locomotive selection more important.
  • Rail car weights have also been adjusted splitting freight into three categories: general freight at a middle weight, heavy bulk freight: coal and iron ore, and perishable freight which has lighter cars and benefits from refrigeration. Which goods benefit from the refrigerator car has also been made more clear. Only freight cars using the Vat Car or Refrigerator Car model receive the bonus.
  • Tech tree and descriptions updated to reflect accurate progression of locomotive technology.
  • New goods and industry flow; many late game goods require more refined materials.
  • The historical Pennsylvania Railroad scenario.

Check out Pennsylvania Railroad Mod on Steam Workshop.

Austria Scenario

Austria Scenario Lawod ss
Top 5 Railway Empire 2 Mods 7

The Austria Scenario lets players develop a railroad system that spans the West Rhineland between 1822 and 1910. It includes a fully developed city roster and terrain that mirrors the East Alps. The scenario also has a number of historically-relevant scenarios, including Prussia taking action against Napoleon when it is on the defensive and France backing off when it is fighting in Germany.

You are the first to build a network of railway lines in Austria. Bregenz urgently needs to be supplied by the surrounding farms. Passengers from Vienna want to see the countryside and vice versa.

  • Revised geographic edition
  • Cities from neighboring countries
  • Technologies from 1830-1910
  • Just keep playing after the scenario

Check out Austria Scenario Mod on Steam Workshop.

All America Scenario

All America Scenario
Top 5 Railway Empire 2 Mods 8

The America scenario, which lets you build a railroad spanning the entire US territory from 1830 to 1930 instead of concentrating on specific regions, is one of the most well-liked fan-made additions to the Railway Empire.

You have a choice of four starting cities that are located in the four corners of the map, and the scenario supports up to three competitors.

Become an 1800s train mogul and build a rail empire in Railway Empire 2 America Scenario Mod. Master challenges and objectives through a five-chapter campaign, 14 scenarios, or a fully customizable free-play mode.

Check out All America Scenario Mod on Steam Workshop.

Fallout Rails

Fallout Rails Lawod ss
Top 5 Railway Empire 2 Mods 9

Welcome to the Mojave Wasteland, the radioactive desert. It’s time to reintroduce transportation to humanity in the year 2451. Bring back memories of the past, scavenge some metal from your community, and establish the first railroad company following the First World War. But keep in mind that war — war — never changes.

The radioactive Mojave Wasteland in the year 2451, centuries after the bombs dropped, is made up of a few isolated homesteads and small communities of survivors. However, perhaps it’s time to change that.

In this Fallout-inspired map, construct the Wasteland’s first operational railroad in centuries.

Iron and steam can be used to start industrial fires, restoring the glory of bygone times.

To transport necessities using your Junktown-built locomotives, you’ll need to connect towns like Arroyo and New Reno.

You’ll need to exercise your imagination because it’s primarily for immersive role-playing. But any Fallout fan will have a blast with this mod.

Check out Fallout Rails Mod on Steam Workshop.

The Great Cattle Invasion

The Great Cattle Invasion Lawod ss
Top 5 Railway Empire 2 Mods 10

The Great Cattle Invasion mod takes players back to 1830 and allows players to build a railway network across the United States and Europe. This is a massive undertaking, one that forces players to balance cost with efficiency as trains haul cargo between cities.

The Great Cattle Invasion also introduces a new period-accurate locomotive, as well as some more challenging scenarios. It’s not the most balanced mod, but it should prove a fun challenge for hardcore train-building tycoons.

Besides adding a more thoughtful experience to the game, this mod slows down train speeds and makes it harder to acquire technology by reducing passive Innovation Point income. 

It also rebalances locomotive prices, making them more expensive as they become more advanced. This is a solid tweak that adds some extra challenges to an already impressive Railway Empire 2.

Check out The Great Cattle Invasion Mod on Steam Workshop.

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