Top 8 Breath of the Wild Mods

Nintendo's seminal open-world title, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has seen a ton of mod support. From funny model replacements to full shrine overhauls, modders have remade this game in their own image.

There are so many Zelda: Breath of the Wild mods that you should take a look at to boost your BotW experience. These mods can add new weapons and armor, dungeons, enemies, and even entire regions. Some can also completely overhaul the game’s visuals, mechanics, and difficulty.

Here are the best Breath of The Wild mods: 

1. Breath of the Wild: Second Wind Mod

Breath of the Wild Second Wind Mod Lawod ss
Top 8 Breath of the Wild Mods 7

Second Wind is one of the most popular mods for Breath of the Wild. This massive all-in-one mod adds new quests, areas, materials, dungeons and more to the game. It also fixes some bugs and improves performance.

Although it draws inspiration from some of the mods we’ve already discussed, such as Hyrule Rebalance, Survival of the Wild, and Relics of the Past, it goes further.

Players can look forward to several new questlines, updated shrines, new blacksmiths, and all-new music in Second Wind. The project’s centerpiece, The Ancient Island, will transport Link to a brand-new location for exploration.

As of this writing, it is still in beta, so not all of the promised features have been implemented.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to play, and future updates will undoubtedly add a lot more.

2. BotW: Survival of the Wild Mod

A second playthrough in Survival of the Wild is a great way to mix things up.

Additionally, it will significantly change how you play the game. In addition, if Link is unprepared, climates will generally be harsher on him. Fast Travel is also disabled, and there is now a hunger system.

In addition, the mod comes with the Wearable Lantern we discussed earlier in the article and Darker Nights/Brighter Nights.

3. Breath of the Wild: Playable Mipha Mod

Another popular mod is Playable Mipha, which transforms Princess Ruto into the pushy Zora champion from Ocarina of Time. 

The mod adds new outfits and actions and a voiced Mipha that winces when hurt and smiles when she accomplishes something. She can even swim faster than Link and can climb waterfalls, making traversal easier.

4. Breath of the Wild: Hyrule Rebalance Mod

Breath of the Wild Hyrule Rebalance Mod Lawod ss
Top 8 Breath of the Wild Mods 8

One of the best mods for Breath of the Wild is Hyrule Rebalance. This comprehensive overhaul tackles nearly every aspect of the base game. 

It fixes the most obviously unfair aspects of BotW as well as some “broken” mechanics like the contentious durability system. It touches almost every aspect of the game.

Among the many changes are improved drops on tougher enemies, rebalanced enemy and wildlife stats that better reflect Link’s expected progression, and a more sensible correlation between armor and weapon stats and their prices.

All armor sets are also upgradeable and dyeable, all shields can be blasted for damage, and some enemies have new abilities. It’s a sizable and wonderful mod!

5. Breath of the Wild: Makeup for Linkle Mod

Breath of the Wild Makeup for Linkle Mod Lawod ss
Top 8 Breath of the Wild Mods 9

The modder behind this one has created a stunning new model for Linkle, and it’s a must-have for any fan of the princess. 

The mod includes a custom outfit, action sounds, and even reworked armor to fit her body. It’s a true labor of love, and it gives players a new way to experience Breath of the Wild.

This great mod increases customization by giving Linkle 15 lipstick shades and 30 different makeup options.

3. Breath of the Wild: No Pause in Combat Mod

Breath of the Wild No Pause in Combat Mod Lawod
Top 8 Breath of the Wild Mods 10

Another useful mod is No Pause in Combat, which removes the pause button during combat. 

This allows you to move faster and fight tougher enemies.

7. Breath of the Wild: Better Armors Mod

One of the more popular mods is Better Armors, which replaces many of the game’s armor sets with new ones. 

These new sets offer a variety of benefits, including flame protection. They also have a higher durability, which makes them more effective in combat.

8. Breath of the Wild: Dancing Monks Mod

Another fun mod is the Dancing Monks, which changes the way that the monks behave in shrines. 

Normally, they sit in their blue forcefield boxes until you give them the Spirit Orb, but with this mod, they dance instead!

It’s a fun and goofy mod that adds an extra bit of joy to the experience.

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