Unknown Worlds Is Hiring to Develop Next Subnautica Game

Unknown Worlds posted a tweet stating that they are seeking a Senior Narrative Designer for the next Subnautica title.

On the 23rd of January 2018, we were blessed with a game called SubnauticaThe game had everything that excites an open-world survival gamer: a game where you live in water. With countless updates and a sequel Subnautica was a big success for Unknown Worlds Entertainment. And now, they have posted a job for a second sequel to Subnautica. We are as hopeful and happy as you. After developing two incredible games, a third one is on the way! In this article, we will go through all we know. Let’s begin:

On the 7th of April, Unknown Worlds posted a tweet stating that they are seeking a Senior Narrative Designer for the next Subnautica title. As we look at the job description, they are looking for a designer that can ”Collaborate with the team to establish game lore, history, characters, and storylines.”, ”Establish and maintain internal documentation for the Subnautica universe fiction and lore.” and ”Strong creative writing skills, specifically plot, character development, and dialogue.”. 

It is good to see they give attention to continuity in the story and lore. In many games, developers care about pumping out a sequel just for the sales figures. Besides the original gameplay and the technology in the game, the story was compelling. Unknown Worlds also said the person has an opportunity to join the team early in development and help establish the narrative direction. The designer they are looking for will be shaping the main story arc of the sequel.

We are very excited to hear about Subnautica’s upcoming sequel. What new creatures will we see? Which planet will we play on? And who will be our protagonist? We have countless questions. Until that time, we can get ideas by looking at their latest release: Subnautica: Below ZeroThe game introduces new characters, technologies, and creatures. 

We have a playthrough of the game on our Youtube channel. Be sure to check it out. So, what are your ideas about the new game? Are you the one who will get the job? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Lawod for gaming news.

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