Unrecord Game First Look – It Looks Incredibly Real

Last year, a video of a hyper-real-looking FPS game began circulating online. It looked so real that some people wondered whether it was real or fake. Check out how realistic Unrecorded is.

Unrecord is a first-person shooter causing a stir on social media. The hyper-realistic bodycam FPS game from developer Drama has caught people’s imagination with its stunning graphics. But it’s not just the striking visuals – the gameplay also feels very real. The game’s first trailer – released last year – depicts a police officer entering an abandoned building from a body cam perspective. The video quickly went viral, with many people wondering whether it was real or not.

Developer Alexandre Spindler uploaded a new video to Twitter, which confirms that the game is a true-to-life experience. It runs on Unreal Engine and features a unique aiming system and dialogue choices that affect gameplay.

Unrecord Lawod ss 1
Unrecord Game First Look - It Looks Incredibly Real 2

Unrecord has a unique level design, with multiple endings and different puzzle challenges. The game is also highly interactive, allowing players to interact with the environment and characters in a variety of ways.

Moreover, Unrecord also offers a customizable difficulty mode, allowing players to adjust the difficulty of the game according to their skill levels.

Besides the striking graphics, Unrecord has an interesting aiming system and dialogue choices that affect gameplay.

The game also has a free-movement camera, resulting in a more realistic experience. However, it remains to be seen how fun the game will be to play. Hopefully, the developers will release more details soon.

Unrecord Game Lawod ss 1 1
Unrecord Game First Look - It Looks Incredibly Real 3

Why Does Unrecord Look So Real?

Using the real-time rendering capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, developer Drama has created a first-person shooter that looks startlingly realistic. 
The game’s dazzling realism is largely due to Unreal Engine 5, which features a new method for creating and texturing 3D worlds. This method, called photogrammetry, uses photographs as a basis for 3D models. This technology, combined with Unreal Engine 5’s ray tracing effects and other advances, is not unprecedented.
The game’s realistic graphics do not solely rely on texture fidelity or polygon count, so it may be possible to experience the same level of immersion on less powerful hardware.

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