Valheim: Ashlands – The New and Biggest Valheim Update

The Ashlands update is poised to revolutionize Valheim with its expansive new content and gameplay innovations, ensuring players have plenty to explore and conquer. 

The Viking-themed survival game Valheim is about to undergo a transformation with the launch of its latest and largest update yet – the Ashlands. This update introduces a new biome filled with deadly landscapes and new enemies, making it a game-changer for both new and seasoned players. Here’s a deeper look at what the update entails and how it’s set to transform the game.

Ashlands Update Changes Valheim Forever

The Ashlands biome is a significant addition to the Valheim map, located in the southernmost part of the world. It’s a volcanic, ash-covered land where the dead are said to roam. This new environment not only shifts the visual aesthetics of the game but also introduces unique challenges, new enemies, and enhanced gameplay mechanics​​.

The New Enemies Will Wait in Ashlands

Yes, you heard that right! New enemies have appeared in the dangerous world of this Viking-theme survival game. These foes include the Charred, which are skeletal warriors that pose a significant threat to players. 

You should also contend with the Morgen, a terrifying creature with skulls for a mouth. 

These new enemies are not only strong, but they also require you to adjust your strategies and gear to survive.

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Valheim: Ashlands - The New and Biggest Valheim Update 4

Enhanced Gameplay and New Mechanics

Valheim’s Ashlands update goes beyond new enemies and landscapes; it enriches the game’s core mechanics. The introduction of new crafting materials and over 30 new weapons, including those with magical properties, allows players to tailor their combat styles more distinctively. Weapons infused with bloodstorm, and nature effects offer varied playstyles, from dealing chain lightning damage to enhancing attacks based on the player’s health status​​.

Additionally, the update brings new siege mechanics, including the use of catapults and battering rams, which introduce a novel strategic layer to attacking fortresses. These tools not only allow for dynamic combat but also add a humorous twist, as players can launch themselves over walls, albeit at their own peril​​.

Building and Crafting Innovations

Building in Valheim takes on a new dimension with the Ashlands update. You can now expect 50 new building pieces, many of which boast a Gothic architectural style. New materials like ashwood allow for the construction of unique wooden lodges and other structures. 

The update also encourages agricultural pursuits with the introduction of plantable vines that can grow on buildings and produce grapes, potentially paving the way for players to cultivate their own vineyards within the game​.

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Valheim: Ashlands - The New and Biggest Valheim Update 5

Other New Content in Valheim Ashland

Valheim Ashlands update is more than just a new setting and enemies. It includes over 30 new weapons, three new armor sets, two new capes, and more than 70 new items that players can build. These additions are designed to enhance the gameplay experience and provide more customization and strategic options. Players will find new crafting materials and can upgrade their crafting stations, which are essential for progressing in the game and surviving the harsh conditions of the Ashlands​​. Here is all the new content on the game with the Valheim Ashlands update.

  • New Biome – Ashlands:
  • 30+ New weapons
  • New bombs and ammunitions
  • 3 New armour sets
  • 2 New capes
  • 10+ New creatures
  • 70+ New buildable items
  • 5 New crafting station upgrades
  • 30+ New crafting materials
  • 15+ New food items and potions
  • New locations
  • New music
  • New events
  • New mechanics
Valheim Ashlands Lawod ss 1
Valheim: Ashlands - The New and Biggest Valheim Update 6

Valheim Ashlands Release Date

Valheim Ashlands update is currently available in a public test phase, with an expected full release in the first half of 2024. This timeline allows the developers to fine-tune the game based on player feedback from the test phase, ensuring the final version of the update is well-balanced and polished​.

This ambitious update signifies Valheim’s continued evolution and commitment to enriching its world, making it a must-try for both newcomers and those who have journeyed through its realms before. The Ashlands promises to bring a fresh wave of adventure, challenge, and excitement to the beloved survival game.

Community and Future Developments

The Valheim community plays a crucial role in shaping the game’s development. Feedback from the ongoing public test is instrumental in refining the update, ensuring that when it moves from its public test phase to full release, it meets the players’ expectations for balance and functionality​.

Looking beyond the Ashlands, the development team at Iron Gate has already hinted at future updates, including the Deep North biome, which is expected to conclude the Valheim saga. This upcoming phase will likely introduce new challenges and content as the game approaches its full release, marking the end of its Early Access period​​.

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