Vampire Survivors Death Bridge

In October, Vampire Survivors left early access and became a full-fledged release. The developers released the first update patch in October and now, Vampire Survivors is getting a new update patch, 1.1.0, that adds a tiny bridge, the Death Bridge.

Despite the name, Vampire Survivors is a shoot-’em-up adventure game with roguelike elements. You must survive a cursed night to claim your victory, but you’ll also need a few vampire-killing tools and a few lucky bullets to get the job done. It’s a fun and fast experience, but there are no corners to hide in. As a result, you’ll likely run into many vampires along the way, if you can manage to dodge them at all.

Vampire Survivors The 1.0 edition introduced a host of new features, including a new Challenge Stage, Seal, and even an improved Pause menu. Fortunately, the developer, Poncle, is ready to provide support for the game with a new update. In addition, the 1.1.0 version will include new power-up items and bug fixes. This update is available on both the Xbox Store and Steam. Here are all the details on what’s new in the latest version.

Vampire Survivors 1.1.0 Update Patch Notes

In the 1.1.0 “tiny” update, you’ll get:

  • A new challenge stage, a power-up, and a new secret character. 
  • A new stage, features two bloodthirsty factions. This new stage has a lot of choke points, making it much more narrow than the library stage.
  • New achievements

The 1.1.0 update will also add new power-up items and some bug fixes. Poncle also promises that it will continue to support Vampire Survivors. This update will also include updates to the pause menu, as well as faster loading times.

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