Vampire Survivors Hidden Achievements

For those who aren’t aware of all of the Vampire Survivors hidden achievements, there’s no need to fret! There are several ways to get each of them! Read on to learn how to get them all! Listed below are the achievements that are difficult to unlock in Vampire Survivors. They all require a lot of hard work, so keep reading to find out how to unlock them! After all, the more you play, the more fun you’ll have!

Disco of Gold

There are several ways to unlock the Disco of Gold hidden achievement in Vampire Survivors. First, you need to unlock the Red Death. This achievement will require very little unlocking, but it will require a glitch to make it easier to complete. In addition, you need to have at least one character called Suor Clerici, which is the Red Death’s spawn form. After you’ve obtained the red gem, go back to where you got it. Then, go between two bookcases. This will cause Deaths to get stuck in this area. Once you’ve killed the first Death that appears, you’ll be rewarded with the Mask of the Red Death and the Disco of Gold achievement.

Hollow Heart

There are numerous hidden achievements in Hollow Heart for Vampire Survivors. Unlocking these will unlock content for other characters and weapons. To earn these achievements, you must complete a certain amount of time or kill a certain number of enemies. You can unlock different characters by doing certain tasks or by leveling up your gear. Then, you need to kill a certain number of monsters to unlock their abilities. In addition, you need to gather enough Arcana to upgrade your weapons.


The Pummarola is one of the most useful items in the game and can be obtained by collecting it in the Mad Forest. As you level up, it adds 0.2 HP per second. You can collect up to five of them to reach a maximum of +1 HP per level. This item can also be used to evolve Garlic into a Soul eater. Here’s how to get it:

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Vampire Survivors Hidden Achievements 2

Bloody Tear

The Bloody Tear is a weapon that can be used to kill monsters. It slashes in a horizontal fashion. It deals damage in two directions, but only the first strikes deal critical hits. When used correctly, it will deal up to 16 HP and also have a 10% chance to crit. This weapon will also cause explosions and heal you when used on enemies in its immediate vicinity. Listed below are the hidden achievements that you can earn by using the weapon.


To unlock the Exdash, players will need to find a way to quickly type letters, numbers, and symbols on the keyboard. The Exdash will be unlocked by keeping the rest of the keys untouched. Players can do this by checking the Character Selection panel. Then, they can begin playing using their new character. After doing this, they will be rewarded with an Exdash. This is one of the many hidden achievements in Vampire Survivors.

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