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Being productive is important if you are working on a project that needs creativity. Working in a quiet cottage could help you focus. But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to have such a cottage. This is where Virtual Cottage can help you.

In the days when COVID-19 began to spread, quarantine and lockdowns were declared in most countries. In those days, many companies switched to working from home procedures. But working from home was difficult in many ways. Because there were so many distractions, people had a hard time working from home and looked for various ways to focus on their work.


Virtual Cottage is a simple desktop app that helps you focus on your work without being distracted. In this app, you can only toggle music and sound to avoid distraction. Even the lighting is tied to your OS clock and will change every couple of hours.

You can set a timer for up to a hundred minutes in Virtual Cottage, which aims to keep you focused with lo-fi melodies. Once the timer is set, it cannot be changed again. You can also set goals to be completed within this period. If you are looking for a desktop application that helps you focus on tasks you have wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t start, Virtual Cottage is one of the best applications that is gonna help you.

Virtual Cottage Download

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Virtual Cottage on the browser. You should download this small, simple but, a useful desktop app on Steam for free. Due to it is developed by an indie application developer Simone from DU&I, it is possible to download the app on itch.IO. Before you get the app, don’t forget to support the developer to see more useful applications.

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