New This Week: Indie Game Action with Weaponeer!

Check out this fast-paced adventure game developed by a 17-year-old kid named Parker Anderson. If you buy it on VoxPop Games, you can make a donation to the AbleGamers Charity.

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing game to play in your free time, then we recommend Weaponeer to you! This amazing game became very popular in a short time for various reasons, and we have covered everything you might want to learn about it in this article.

As you know, VoxPop Games is the home for indie developers, and they manage to meet the gaming needs of many indie gamers by hosting indie games like Ninja Noboken, Chain Runners Liquid, and Arcanium Rise of Akhan. Although there are plenty of games released on the platform, we believe that Weaponeer is a totally unique game that you are going to love a lot!

Weaponeer is an 8-bit game that offers you a fast-paced adventure, which can be a great alternative to your coffee breaks. Players will be controlling a small circle character that has a sword.

You need to dash your opponents, eliminate them, and complete levels. Each level is a bit more challenging than the previous one, and you have hundreds of levels to complete.

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Developers and publishers say every purchase of this game will go directly to the AbleGamers charity organization, and they define the game as follows on the game’s page on VoxPop Game:

Control your character with two buttons and fight your way through 90+ levels of retro platforming that introduce new and original content.

You wield your sword and try to make your way back home.

 Action-Packed & INTENSE 60fps GAMEPLAY ACTION!!!

Proceeds from the purchase of this title will go directly to the AbleGamers charity organization! #SoEVERYONECanGame #EveryVoiceMatters


WEAPONEER: VoxPop Games Edition
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What makes Weaponeer so popular is its developer and publisher. You may be wondering what can be so special about the developer, but Parker Anderson, the developer of Weaponeer, is only 17 years old, and he developed this game by himself alone. While his peers are still young kids, Anderson started his developer career at a very young age and released his first professional game when he was only 17 years old.

In addition to this, Weaponeer offers quick and easy controls. You can play the entire game without any challenge by only using your single hand. This is why Weaponeer is one of the best games where you can get rid of your stress and enjoy your coffee breaks. So if you want to give this game a shot and want to donate to AbleGamers Charity, you can easily purchase Weaponeer on VoxPop Games.

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