Wii Sports Sequel Nintendo Switch Sport Launched

The Wii game console was a game-changer. It was released over 16 years ago. With the Wii, a legend, a meme generator, and the most powerful boss in gaming history (the All-Mighty Matt) was born: Wii Sports. We are sure you all have your own stories or memes about Wii Sports. The game is popular with its Mii soundtrack. Now, after nine years, we are blessed with a new title. Nintendo Switch Sport was released on April 29. We are so excited about the game, which looks great in the gameplay trailer. Today we will give you all the details we know so far.

In February this year, Nintendo UK released a video that announced the game’s launch. The game looked fantastic. It still has the same vibe as back in 2006. It is like a beautiful, well-made remake of the original title. In the trailer, we can see bright colors and cute animations. We can also see a tutorial for each game.

From what they showed and announced, there are six sports games that can be playable with Joy-Con controllers. These are Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Football, Chambara (swordplay), and Tennis. Besides the other games, Chambara looks like the most fun. You will need to attack and defend while playing. You can play with your family and friends at your home. If you ramp up the competition, online multiplayer is another choice.

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Wii Sports Sequel Nintendo Switch Sport Launched 2

Another cool thing is the new customization options. In the gameplay video of Nintendo Switch Sport, we saw all kinds of hairstyles and clothes. And if you are an old-time gamer, you can also use your Miis on your console. The game will include weekly cosmetics that drop only if you play online. So, Nintendo really wants you to play it continuously. Honestly, if they release the game as shown in the trailer, I think playing it every week would be a good choice.

Lastly, an update will be released in the summer, and you can use the Leg Strap accessory to kick some goals. Also, Golf will be added to Nintendo Switch Sport in the autumn for free. You will have to pay $49.99 for the psychical version that includes Leg Strap. You can also buy the digital version of Nintendo Switch Sport for $39.99. If you bought a digital version, Nintendo gives you a chance to buy Leg Strap for ten bucks. So, what are your thoughts and feelings? Are you ready to compete with others in online mode? Let us know in the comments.

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