Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Weapons

Team Ninja's new action game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has plenty of different weapon types for players to choose from, and this article covers them all for you.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features a large variety of weapons you can use to deal devastating damage to your enemies. These range from traditional swords and axes to more technical glaives and poleaxes. The game also has ranged weapon types, such as bows and crossbows. Here is the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty weapon list and tiers.

The weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are divided into three categories: MeleeRanged, and Thrown. Each weapon has a unique set of stats that can be modified by Weapon Traits and Martial Arts skills. These passive bonuses can be applied to a weapon in various ways, such as boosting basic combos or improving critical hit chances in different situations.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty weapons lawod ss
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Weapons 3

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Weapon Tiers

If you want to slay your foes, you need a solid weapon that will deliver the power and precision needed to bring them down in one hit. That means you need to ensure you’re getting the right blade for your needs.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a pretty impressive selection of weapons, including swords, sabers, axes, and spears. There are also a few more technical weapons like glaives and poleaxes that will prove useful for those who prefer to go all out when killing enemies.

Weapon TierWeapon
S TierRepeating Crossbow, Slashing Spear, Staff
A TierDual Halberd, Dual Sword, Sword
B TierGlaive, Halberd, Spear
C TierBow, Curved Sabre, Hammer
F TierCrossbow, Dual Sabre, Pole Axe, Straight Sabre
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty weapons Lawod dual swords
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Weapons 4

Best Weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Dual Swords are currently the best choice for most early-game builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. While their damage is slightly lower than most other weapons, their quickness, block ability, and high-damage potential make them a good choice for both casters and fighters.

They can also be used to attack groups of enemies at once by executing two simultaneous attacks, making them useful against a large number of foes in a single fight. However, they can also be a bit slow and may require players to time their attacks carefully, as they can take quite some time to complete.

The Halberd is a great option for those looking for a long-reach weapon to deliver much damage. It can attack wide areas with each strike, letting you cut down a significant amount of Spirit Gauge in one shot.

It also gets a boost from fire, so it can be particularly useful against stunned targets. On the other hand, the Slashing Spear has the highest damage per strike in the game and is a great choice for fights against multiple opponents.

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