Xbox Game Pass Upcoming Games July 2023

Microsoft regularly updates its Xbox Game Pass lineup with a variety of games for subscribers to enjoy. It’s a great way to keep fans occupied and engaged with the subscription service.

Xbox Game Pass members can look forward to some thrilling new titles this month. Among them are Techtonica, a factory automation game, Sword and Fairy 7, slated for release on July 5th, and Exoprimal, which will be added to the lineup on July 12th. Additionally, The Wandering Village and Venba are set to join the collection on July 20th and July 31st, respectively.

Arcade Paradise – July 3rd

The first new game that’s coming to Xbox Game Pass in July 2023 is a management simulation called Arcade Paradise. The game was released last year to mostly positive reviews and will see you taking over your family’s laundromat business, turning it into a retro arcade. The game follows many of the conventions of city-building strategy games but is set in a unique setting that’s worth checking out.

Sword and Fairy 7 – July 5th

The seventh mainline installment in the Sword and Fairy series will be joining Xbox Game Pass on July 5th. This action RPG blends ancient mythology with traditional Chinese aesthetics, bringing together Humans, Deities, and Demons to form a unique party.

Exoprimal – July 14th

Exoprimal is the biggest game arriving on Xbox Game Pass this month, as it will allow users to battle mutated dinosaurs and other alien creatures. It is a co-op shooter that pits two teams against hordes of dinosaurs. 

Capcom is releasing Exoprimal to Xbox Game Pass on July 14th. The game will also join Game Pass on July 14th as a day-one release. With a PvEvP setup and an online-focus, it’s the perfect addition to a service like Game Pass.

Techtonica – July 18th

Developed by Fire Hose Games and published by ID@Xbox, Techtonica is set on the rogue planet Calyx, where players can explore a vibrant cave system teeming with bioluminescent life in this first-person factory automation game. The game can be played alone or in co-op.

The Wandering Village – July 20th

The Wandering Village, meanwhile, is another impressive city-builder that lets you build a town on the back of a massive creature. You can build your settlement and form a symbiotic relationship with the colossus. 

Venba – July 31st

Developed by Visai Games, Venba is a narrative cooking indie game where players will experience a migrant’s life and cook a variety of Indian dishes. It will arrive on July 31st and is available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to play.

Xbox Live Gold Games July 2023

Microsoft will also add another two titles to its Game Pass catalog this month through the Games with Gold program, Darkwood and When the Past Was Around. Check out to learn details of Xbox Live Gold Games.

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