Ziggurat 2 – Ziggurat Is Back With a Better Game

If you enjoy games that take place in fantastic worlds, then you should check Ziggurat 2 out. This fun game is the sequel game in the series. Some might remember how fantastic the Ziggurat game was! Now the developers Milkstone Studios released the second series of the game, and it seems like it is going to blow the minds of many first-player shooting lovers!

Ziggurat 2 Overview

Ziggurat 2 was developed by Milkstone Studios and released on Steam on October 28, 2021. The game is a combination of different genres such as action, shooting, and roguelike. You are going to explore labyrinth dungeons, gain experience, eliminate your enemies, and find mythical equipment.

If you are playing first-person shooting games often, you can easily get used to the mechanics. However, this time, besides weapons, you can also cast spells or use arrows. You can choose between various weapon and attack modes to eliminate every creature you are going to encounter in the dungeon.

There are plenty of side quests and puzzles in the game. However, none of them are too complex or time-consuming. Your goal is to progress, gain experience and equip better weapons and armors to deal with much stronger creatures and demons. Considering its high-quality graphics, we believe that you are going to love the game a lot.

Ziggurat 2 Available Platforms

Unfortunately, the Ziggurat 2 video game is only available on computers. However, it supports Mac, Windows, and Linux. This offers great versatility for PC gamers. The developer didn’t make any announcements yet about whether they are going to develop the game for other platforms.

Considering that they have never released games for platforms, Ziggurat 2 may never be available on console platforms. On the other hand, we can expect Milkstone Studios to develop the game for the smartphone market. However, it is worth noting that the first game was also only available on computer platforms.

Currently, Ziggurat 2 is available only on Steam. If you want to experience the unique world of Ziggurat, you can add the game to your Steam library for $24,99.

Ziggurat 2 Editor Rating: 4.3/5

Ziggurat 2 offers amazing gameplay for players of all ages. If you like mystical worlds where you encounter stronger enemies and defeat them, then this game can be a great choice for you. In addition to this, the game offers great graphics. We believe it will be worth every penny you are going to spend on it.

Moreover, the game offers a wide range of armors and weapons. This allows us to customize our characters as well as our combat style. Therefore, we believe Ziggurat 2 appeals to a wide audience. You can have plenty of fun while playing this fun game.

Additionally, Ziggurat 2 can appeal to first-person shooter lovers. You can enjoy the joy of eliminating your enemies one by one or in packs while progressing in the dungeons.

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