Back 4 Blood Every Thing You Should Know

Do you miss the good old days where you used to have fun in Left 4 Dead with friends? If so, we have some great news for you! Back 4 Blood is a great game that offers the same fun with the same game. The only difference is Back 4 Blood is a new game with better graphics, sound effects, and gameplay!

Instead, zombies, you are going to survive against riddles. Basically, this is the new concept used for zombies. One day, an outbreak starts in a facility and spreads all around the world. As four survivors, your goal is to keep surviving and protect each other at all costs!

Back 4 Blood Overview

Back 4 Blood is a fantastic game that promises good old days to multiplayer first-player shooter lovers! The game was developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by Warner Bros. Games on October 12, 2021. Back 4 Blood was also designed by the creators of the Left 4 Dead game!

It is a zombie game that offers an online cooperation mode for up to 4 four players. You can also play the game as a zombie that has four different types to choose from. If you prefer to play with the cleaners, i.e., survivors, you can choose between eight characters! The best part is you can customize all of them!

The logic of the game is pretty simple, no matter which side you choose. Your goal is to survive and eliminate the enemy. This game requires plenty of collaboration since this is the only way to survive. If you leave any of your friends behind, then your chances to reach your destination will be slim, and you will play outnumbered all through your destination.

Besides regular gameplay, the game also has a card system. You can create decks to customize your next fight. This offers added difficulty for each level, and we bet most of the players are going to love this feature a lot.

We also reviewed the beta version of the game, you can also get more detailed information about the gameplay on the Back 4 Blood Open Beta Review article.

Where to Play Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood will be supported by almost all gaming platforms. The game is not available on mobile platforms. Considering its graphics and gameplay, it would be a surprise if it would be available on the mobile application markets. On the other hand, Back 4 Blood only supports Windows on the PC side. Back 4 Blood is available on Steam for typically $54,59. But you can have the game with the %30 discounted price of $41,99.

Besides, you can play Back 4 Blood on all gaming consoles including PlayStation 4 and PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S. The game does not support Nintendo consoles as well.

Back 4 Blood Editor Opinion

If you really love horror survival games or single-player shooting and action games, then Back 4 Blood is the best choice for you. A generation grew with the ancestor of this game, Left 4 Dead. Now it is time for the second generation and without a doubt, you are going to enjoy it a lot.

Although you can play the game alone, we do not recommend it a lot. It will be much fun when you play it in co-operative and online mode. It offers added challenges for the players and makes it much more fun to enjoy.

All in all, if you have ever played Left 4 Dead before, then you need to play Back 4 Blood too. Why because you and your friends can have fun with this enjoyable game. It offers the perfect combination of horror and adventure. You will not want to miss your chance to enjoy this masterpiece.

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