Bethesda Released a New Teaser for Starfield

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Bethesda's Masterpiece StarfieldEpisode 1: The Endless Pursuit.

Starfield is the new and promising video game of Bethesda, and the company released a new teaser for this masterpiece. Many experts believe that the reputation and popularity of the game will surpass Skyrim and Fallout 4 combination. 

Even Bethesda shows a special interest in this game and takes everything seriously when Starfield is in question. We highly recommend watching the new teaser to get some idea about what will be waiting for you in this new game. However, you should not get hope too soon since there is still time for the official release. 

When Will Starfield Be Released? 

According to the official statement of Bethesda, Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022. This means that we have to wait for almost a year to start enjoying this promising game. Another important detail to know about the game is, the Bethesda team has been working for 25 years to create this universe! 

What Will Await You in Starfield? 

There are many speculations about the game, and it is hard to tell which ones are possible or not. However, one of these speculations is about spaceship combat. It will be based on exploration in space. Todd Howard noted that the game will be the new Skyrim, but it will take place in space. It is worth noting that he recently visited SpaceX to find some inspiration for the game. 

If you would like to get an opinion about the game, we also recommend reading our Starfield articles and watching the previously released videos by Bethesdas. You can learn more about some of the locations available in the game through these official releases. 

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