Call of the Wild the Angler Will Be Released on August 31

If you are a true fan of hunting games, then you might already have played the Hunter: Call of the Wild! The game we will talk about, Call of the Wild the Angler, was developed by the same developer of the popular hunting simulationthe Hunter: Call of the Wild, and it offers you a similar experience. But this time, you are going to be a fisherman. Without a doubt, it is one of the most comprehensive fishing games ever developed.

As we mentioned, the developer of this fantastic game is also Expansive Worlds, and it is about to launch soon! Ladies and gentlemen, take notes on your calendar and wait for August 31 to enjoy a true fishing simulation. Until that time, you add the game to your wishlist on Steam. The game will also be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Call of the Wild the Angler Lawod ss 1
Call of the Wild the Angler Will Be Released on August 31 3

Call of the Wild The Angler Gameplay

Depending on what has been released so far, we have no doubt that Call of the Wild The Angler will define the genre from scratch. You are almost totally free in this fantastic fishing simulation experience. Players are offered plenty of amazing atmospheres, which will literally let you experience fishing.

Your main goal is to catch as many fish as possible, but also find your best fishing spot all around the world. 

Call of the Wild The Angler Key Features

Call of the Wild: The Angler offers an open world for players to explore. This provides plenty of opportunities to fish in different settings and under unique conditions. You can ride in open waters, drive off-road vehicles, or travel by foot. Each fish species in the game also has unique traits and behavior.

This means that you need to learn the traits of each fish before you master your skills. Thus, you can have plenty of fun while learning and developing your skills in Call of the Wild the Angler

As you can play the game in single player mode, you can also team up with your friends online and share an amazing fishing experience together. Since you can also play the game with your friends, we believe you will never get bored of catching fish.

Call of the Wild the Angler Lawod ss
Call of the Wild the Angler Will Be Released on August 31 4

Should You Play Call of the Wild: The Angler?

If you love hunting, especially fishing, we highly recommend waiting for the official release of Call of the Wild: the Angler. According to the announcements, the game will be supported by the developers for many years, and new content will be shared with each update.

Some of these will be free, while some will be paid content. However, you will enjoy new expansions and optimizations while trying to become the best “Angler” in the world.

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